‘Vote for loyal candidates’

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The European and Arab countries for a long time have been exerting tremendous pressures on the Muslim Brotherhood parties and their international organization to control their finances. Many countries have banned the party from engaging in any political or social activities. This has greatly led to the decline in the resources of these parties.

The Arab Spring revolutions and the January revolution in Egypt, which the Brotherhood succeeded in temporarily, have had an impact on the reputation of this party, especially after the disclosure of wealth accumulated by their leaders which looked suspicious and add to this the malicious roles the party played in so many sabotage operations that affected several countries.

When many leaders shun affiliation to the organization and branches of the party, it dented their reputation while some of the ‘defectors’ went on to public books about their bitter experiences with the party, in addition to television interviews with well-known channels exposing the secrets of the organization and the truth about coming to power in several Arab countries whether through illegitimate or democratic means, thus it was to be the last era of freedom and ballot boxes in these countries

In spite of all the pressure the Brotherhood has been experiencing, Kuwait has been, since the late 1940s, the bastion for their organization and the main source for wealth. Their influence within the state remained unaffected despite all the sins they committed while the authority preferred to be lenient to their approach.

In a recent interview conducted by Ammar Taqi with the Salafist leader Ahmad Baqer on the Al-Majlis TV, Baqer said Mubarak Al-Duwailah, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, called him (although they were competing for state cake) to intervene in his capacity as member of the government to withdraw the decision to refer senior officials from the Ministry of Awqaf belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood to the Public Prosecution on the grounds of accusations of corruption, and how Baqer met with the then Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Saad Al-Hashel and discussed the subject with him.

The minister confirmed that Al-Duwailah also contacted him on the same subject. All this shows how daring are the leaders of this party to intervene in issues others do not dare to.

It is strange that the Brotherhood considers Masons to be an international scourge, and they never hesitated to attack them, or expose their methods of achieving their objectives, and achieving their goal is often without giving any consideration to the means by which that goal can be achieved.

I myself, based on my experiences and information, say that the Brotherhood is a much greater danger to any country than a Masonic organization or any other organization for that matter. They do not hesitate to use any tool to get rid of their enemies either by deliberate distortion of their reputation or by physical liquidation. There are dozens of examples of this and the terrorist acts in the heart of Egypt every day are a blatant example.

Through this article, we call on all the lovers of this small and safe country, especially those from the second and third constituencies to vote for the loyal candidates and to stay away from candidates representing religious parties, especially the candidates from the Muslim Brotherhood.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

This news has been read 9923 times!

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