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I need to get a visit visa for my sister-in-law’s daughter and her husband for 10 days … please tell me if it possible or not and how much will it cost? Secondly, are tourism visas available in Kuwait?

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Answer: Nowadays, the Immigration Department is very strict in this regard and normally issues visit visas for the immediate family i.e. wife and children … and in some cases parents, brothers and sisters. So, it is going to be very difficult to get visit visas for your sister-inlaw’s daughter and her husband. The charges for the visit visas are nominal — KD 3 for each. While it might be difficult, you should still apply with the immigration authorities in your area, because the issuance of these visas is not totally ruled out. On the issue of tourist visas, yes such visas are available but you have to go through one of the hotels in Kuwait. In such a case, you have to make bookings to stay in the hotel for the duration you are in the country. So, you can imagine how much it will cost you …a lot but that might be your only option if you don’t get the visit visa

This news has been read 7046 times!

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