Visa transfer from Article 14 to New Company Residence

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My husband’s visa right now is Article 14 visa type. His last date was on January 6. The company where he was working are not giving him release. Due to that he is not able to join any other company. So my question is, as his visa is Article 14 is it allowed to transfer to a new company without the signature of the old company.

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Answer: Unfortunately visa 14 is issued to enable one not to be classified as an illegal resident while one’s papers are being sorted out or to wind up one’s stay in Kuwait and leave for good. This means that visa 14 is not transferable and hence your husband cannot transfer the visa 14 that he is currently on.

Granting that your husband is even on visa 18, he can only effect the necessary transfer to another company with the permission of the sponsor who however cannot say no if your husband is qualified to ask for such a transfer.

If your husband is therefore convinced that he is qualified to ask for a visa transfer and is being denied by the sponsor, then he can file a complaint at the Public Authority for Manpower through the Labor Department in his area to seek redress.

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This news has been read 23518 times!

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