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Visa trading goes on unabated

Brokers flourish in pandemic chaos

KUWAIT CITY, March 15: Despite the passage of one year since the emergence of the corona pandemic which exposed the dangers of visa trading, an official source from the Egyptian government confirmed that visa trading continues as Egyptian workers travel to Kuwait through brokers located in various parts of Egypt, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Egyptian official told the daily that a number of recruitment offices and visa trading brokers have been referred to the court in coordination with the relevant authorities in Kuwait, indicating this came after the recent deportation of dozens of Residency Law violators which means the number of the victims of visa trading is increasing.

After a difficult year when the pandemic exposed a tragic humanitarian and labor crisis in Kuwait due to visa trading that has been turned into a public issue on the Kuwaiti street, the Ministry of Manpower in Egypt took internal measures to protect Egyptian workers who fell victim to the fake visa trade which has spread amongst residency brokers and dealers in Egypt and Kuwait. This is in addition to punishing brokers and labor recruitment agencies which have been proven to be working for the benefit of fictitious companies in Kuwait.

As a result, thousands of poor workers traveled to Kuwait and were without a job, and thus, each of them lost more than 100,000 Egyptian pounds for the benefit of those who earn money from the sweat of the poor, the official added. He confirmed that the Ministry of Manpower closely followed up the labor issues that were raised once again in Kuwait due to the visa traders and brokers in Egypt. Dozens of labor cases were resolved through continuous communication and cooperation with the relevant authorities in Kuwait that presented a unique model of integrity and way of combating visa trading, he disclosed.

He affirmed the inspection committees in the ministry pursued the offices and companies that were reported to be selling fake visas to Egyptians, so the violators were stopped and licenses withdrawn while the files of some companies were transferred to the prosecution in preparation for trial. He went on to say that the recent crisis which occurred due to visa trading will never be repeated, as a new mechanism for sending Egyptian workers to Kuwait will be approved in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Kuwait.

He stressed the agreement between the concerned authorities in the two countries to combat visa trading addresses the security, economic, social and humanitarian dimensions of the issue. Also, another official in the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower announced the launch of the ‘Register Yourself’ campaign for Egyptian workers abroad to register through the official website of the ministry. He explained this will facilitate communication with Egyptian workers through embassies, consulates and labor offices to continuously follow up their situation abroad.

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