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Thursday , March 23 2023

Unscrupulous Employer – Farm visa transfer

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I came to Kuwait on April, 2014 on a farm (agriculture) visa. I am a masters degree holder in Marketing from United Kingdom. I came to Kuwait on marketing manager post with an accepted salary of KD 500 per month but my employer gave me farm visa (electrician) and said when you come to Kuwait we will transfer it to company visa and also will change the designation. Almost three years done with him on farm visa, and also not giving me accepted salary.

The Salary mentioned in the Farm (electrician) Izne-amal is KD 250 per month and he has been paying 250 for the past three years, and i was tolerating him because my passport is with him and playing with my life.

Now I want to transfer my Iqama (residence) to a company … so please let me know whether I can transfer my Iqama because I have been with a single sponsor from last three years. Please help me out with my issue because I am suffering a lot.

Name withheld

Answer: We sympathise with you for your predicament, a situation in which many a worker has fallen into in the hands of some unscrupulous and lying employers. You can transfer your Iqama since you have completed three years with the current employer but the snag here is that you can only transfer your current visa into another farm visa but not to a company visa.

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