‘Unemployment triggers cases of theft’

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 2: A recent judicial statistic revealed a steady increase in crimes of stealing the money of others in the country, while psychologists and criminologists stressed the need to increase the penalties to deter the phenomenon and eliminate illegal labor, in addition to focusing on education in the country and developing criminal laws and making room for young people to entertain, educate, and build self-conscious and beneficial to the state and society, reports Al-Qabas daily. The statistics of the Public Prosecution issued by the Ministry of Justice showed that the number of cases of stealing the property of others registered in the past year amounted to 1,831 cases, and that 65% of those accused of committing them are non-Kuwaitis.

The sources pointed out that many cases are registered against unknown persons, and the perpetrator is not identified, while the percentage of Kuwaiti victims is 38%. Statistics-related studies of “Justice” indicated that most cases of money theft were committed by persons between the ages of 40 and 50, and between 19 and 30. Senior legal sources told Al-Qabas that the effects of the spread of such cases will have a negative and dangerous impact on society, which requires the parties concerned to unite and cooperate to address them, by monitoring the reasons for committing them and then eliminating them. The sources called for harsher penalties, tougher laws, and deterrent rulings against the accused, pointing out that the increase in the cases received and pending in the courts requires a functional capacity to complete them.

For her part, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Kuwait University, Dr. Naima Al-Taher told the daily that it is known that the more unemployment increases in any country, the more thefts therein, and therefore the disguised unemployment that exists in Kuwait from the loose workers who seek work and do not find it leads them to theft to obtain money, including stealing homes, shops or parked cars. She called for announcing the names of arrested in such cases, and work seriously to correct the imbalance in the demographics, especially in terms of marginal employment, and to hold visa traders accountable. And this can be done by raising awareness and instilling moral values among young people; increasing penalties and spreading legal awareness; enacting laws and legislations that limit the phenomenon and elimination of unemployment and deportation of marginal workers Meanwhile, Dr Talal Al-Ali, said “crime exists in all societies, and the more cohesive, healthy, happy and successful society is, the less crime will be, and the more corruption spreads and sick values prevail, the more crime spreads and is normalized and dealt with as usual.”

Al-Ali indicated that “society has not developed its tools properly so far, to deal with the basis for the emergence of such crimes. The basis is to prevent a person from deviating, not to punish him after he commits crimes and try to reform him after that.” The most prominent issues considered are theft by breaking in or breaking the fence; seizing the property of others; intentional arson; theft by force; entering a residence to commit a crime; blackmailing the victim with threats; car break-ins and destroying public property.

This news has been read 23048 times!

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