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Saturday , October 23 2021

TV shows for Ramadan reduced

Samoud not to remain silent

KUWAIT CITY, April 26: Producer actress Samoud Al-Kandari said she will not remain silent about ‘slander and insults’ she and ‘Haya and her daughters’ were exposed to, reports Al-Rai daily. She told the daily she will file a complaint against those who accused her of hiring a ‘maid’ Perry to work in an act because according to those who insulted her the maid was reported absconding by her sponsor.

One of the tweeters claimed on Twitter that his maid whom he reported absconding since 2019 participated in the series and the prosecution was provided with a photo taken from the series.

Al-Kandari told Al-Rai that she has never filed a complaint against anyone who directly offended her, although many have done so recently but “I did not care about them but this time the insult does injustice to her work – ‘Haya and her daughters’.

Samoud and Perry

Perry, who is the target in the case is Ethiopian and Samoud is so sure of winning the case, that she has taken a vow to see Perry buy a house for herself in Ethiopia from the proceeds of the case she said she will win.

Meanwhile,Ibrahim Al-Harbi, like most pioneering artistes, was bewildered by the artistic scene in recent years, and the deterioration it has achieved in several matters, foremost among which is the tyranny of material aspects, over the dealings of workers in the field, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Al-Harbi believes that the current period the country is going through is considered very critical, as it witnesses an intense war in the face of rumors that breed daily.

Al-Harbi says: The rumor today is more deadly than any other weapon, and unfortunately there are those who exploit it very passively, whether intentionally or not, but it is quite clear that there are some who intentionally promote rumors with the intention to harm society “at a time when we are required to remain united.” He went on to say, as I see, during the difficult times we really need to intensify awareness programs to nip in the bud rumors and the Ministry of Information has done just that to counter the rumors.

Souad Abdullah in ‘Jannat Hali’

On what is new in Ramadan, Al-Harbi said long ago he completed the filming of series ‘Jannat Hali’, written by Nouf Al- Mudhaf and directed by Munir Al-Zoubi, starring Souad Abdullah, Intisar Al-Sharah, Shaima Ali, Lamia Tariq, and others.

Furthermore, The Ministry of Information reduced the number of shows for Ramadan and the budget of some shows, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources. Sources confirmed the ministry has not signed any new contract with those in charge of companies producing Ramadan shows until now. Sources disclosed the ministry signed contracts with a number of producers in previous years; but not this year considering the exceptional circumstances in the country, especially the economic situation.

Sources said the ministry believes it is in the interest of the country if it carefully selected shows for Ramadan, such that it does not contradict the media and national messages aimed at educating the public about coronavirus. Sources explained the ministry is also responsible for maintaining the quality of the local screen, but it does not mean agreeing with the demands of companies.

Therefore, the appropriate decision was taken to reduce the budget of some shows and refrain from signing new contracts, sources added. In another development, Kuwaiti singer Nawwal Al-Kuwaittiya exclusively released a single entitled, “Yes, it’s Big,” through her channel on YouTube and her Instagram account – her gift to Kuwait, as she posted on Twitter: “Yes, really big yes. With determination, yes big. This is Kuwait, prayed the Prophet,” reports Al- Shahid daily.

The lyrics of the song was written by poet Badr Burasli and music composed by Meshal Al-Arouj; while Nawwal’s daughter – Hanin and the child Saba performed the song with Nawwal. The song received got several views among the fans of Nawwal within a few hours after its release.

It got many reviews and praises from the first moments of its launch, which were posted along with thanks and appreciation for the services that Kuwait provided to its people through the medical precautions aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus.

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