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Truth about the disappearance of the murdered Filipino Villavende’s friend

Magtulis Roda taken shelter in Philippines Embassy

 KUWAIT CITY, Jan 19:  The rumors accompanying the death of the Filipino worker, Jeanelyn Villavende, caused a state of terror among domestic workers, especially Filipinos in particular, and their anxiety was madeup by the stories and exaggerations published on the Philippine community page on the Facebook site reports Al Rai.

The latest news circulating in the Filipino sites was distress calls and requests for help from families of Filipino workers, who lost contact with their children in Kuwait, and the most frequently reported loss of a family to contact her daughter Magtulis Roda, who was close friend of the murdered Jeanelyn Villavende, as the news spread widely, and everyone sought to search for the new missing woman, it became clear after investigation that she sought refuge in the Philippines embassy fearing that she would suffer what happened to her friend.

Sources revealed that the worker Roda was a friend of the murdered Jeanelyn Villavende, as she helped her obtain a visa to work in Kuwait, and that she entered Kuwait on June 19, 2019, and she started work on August 20, 2019, and her family lost contact with her since January 1st to coincide with the accident.

The source added that Roda’s sudden disappearance at this time, formed a fertile ground for the rumors, as she was also close to the victim, and there were many rumors about her disappearance, despite the knowledge of Roda’s safety and her presence in the embassy for above two weeks.

The rumors spread and many stories have been woven about her disappearance and her sudden appearance in the embassy through the social media and website sites, including “Roda” is one of the witnesses in the case? How did she escape from the home of her employer? Have you been attacked? What spread fear among many domestic workers.

Sources said that the worker Roda is present at the embassy, ​​and she was not subjected to any harm or attack, explaining that there is knowledge and friendship between her and the murdered Jeanelyn Villavende , and that Roda does not wish to return to her work.

On the other hand, the embassy held an awareness seminar for its workers and office officials, to inform them of what they must do in the event of events in the region and there was a need for evacuation, and the need for each of them to have their identity and personal proofs.

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