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Trojan horses fall in Lebanon

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Lebanese uprising brought down all the masks which the coalition of power has been using throughout the past period. Everything has been exposed.

Now, there is nothing hidden in terms of the public and private affairs of politicians, especially after the unexpected incident between the junta that chose to appoint those perceived to be puppets in order to fulfill their wish of forming a government of masks and clowns – far from the technocrat ministers demanded in uprisings which have been continuing since 96 days ago.

The authority holding the country wanted a government tailored by its interests, so it did not expect Hassan Diab to contradict its expectations. The authority fell into the trap it set up to abort the uprising. When push came to shove and the process of formation began to take shape, the looters disagreed over sharing spoils of the singlecolored Cabinet.

On the other hand, since the resignation of Saad Hariri’s government till date; the protesters are still demanding for an independent government consisting of technocrats who will work on a financial plan, and to hold early parliamentary elections that will reproduce the authority in accordance with the data which emerged after Oct 17. Instead of all this, the authority continued to ignore popular demands.

After three months of calm demands and peaceful demonstrations against the patience of the people on the street and instead of relying on reason and logic, President of the Republic Michel Aoun and head of the caretaker government Saad Hariri violently suppressed the uprising in a manner that Lebanon has not seen in the past three months. Security forces fired tear-gas and rubber bullets directly at the demonstrators.

Even the places of worship were not respected as the demonstrators were chased inside the mosques in central Beirut. Without a doubt, this is a very risky development as it is similar to igniting a powder keg in a minefield for 30 years, which was planted by a political class that mastered corruption and disdain for popular will, political fraud and starvation.

Over the past three decades, this class has been working to share the spoils under the protection of an illegitimate arms group – the Hezbollah. The group used force to instill fear among the Lebanese and to serve its interest. Truth be told, Hezbollah and Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah are nothing more than participants in cooking poison. Today, they are tasting the poison after what Nasrallah considered the ‘breeding ground for resistance’ came out and declared publicly its opposition to his plans and stances.

Nonetheless, Hezbollah has failed in the past three months in foiling attempts to abort the uprising by diverting from its path, entering the tunnel of sectarian strife, and pushing its supporters to attack the protesters and chanting, “Shiites … Shiites … Shiites,” in a bid to transform the popular demand from being a national demand to sectarian demand.

The supporters themselves realized the truth after being overwhelmed by the situation. They realized that they are starving just like their compatriots. Perhaps, the peace and civility, which the Lebanese have been dealing with for the last three months, rattled a class that only understands the language of force and suppression – similar to what is prevalent in Iran and Iraq.

Thus, it tried to clone the Iranian style that Nasrallah used as a threat more than once, even indirectly. They missed the point that the Lebanese came out to protest and will not return until their demands are met all the way. The most important one as the Lebanese say is that “everyone means all.” Then, there will be no consolation for the Iranian armed militias which protect the corrupt and the wicked, because the time of the Lebanese Trojans is almost over.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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