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Bedouinism originates from the desire or satisfaction to live a simple and normal life free from the manifestations of civilization and its restrictions. A life that has no obligations or limits, but a free flow and wide movement, which makes living in remote and harsh areas, such as deserts, dense forests, or mountainous heights, acceptable, and even beautiful, for many.

With the emergence of cities on the outskirts of various deserts, and their need for manpower, civilization began to attract the son of the desert and seduce him with its joys and pleasures, so he was forced, after many centuries of absolute freedom, to submit to the requirements of the city, and to forget the role of the tribe in his life, to which he had previously resorted to at some point due to the absence of State power, and his need to take refuge in a larger and stronger body.

Over time, Bedouinism began to disappear and tribalism began to decline, with many abandoning their affiliation with it, in words and names, especially since the majority did not have blood relations with it, but rather a need and a benefit.

Suddenly, some parties discovered that it is better to return and belong to the tribe, at least in name, and to benefit politically from its “affiliation” with it. Thus, we began to see a radical change in the results of the elections in the suburban regions, where the people of its cities, who are more ancient, were displaced in favor of the people of the tribe, who are more numerous with the increase in the number of new holders of the nationality of the country.

The government played the biggest role in promoting this pattern, through what it granted to its sheikhs, who became “princes” next, of a pivotal role in securing a prestigious job for them with quick promotions, and other advantages, often material. The former tribal citizen felt that it was more appropriate and more beneficial to return and belong to his group, which had become his pride.

Thus, it can be said, with confidence, that there is no nomadism in Kuwait, by virtue of logic and reality, and therefore there must be no tribalism, in the understandable sense, but it was “resurrected” to serve the immediate interests of some, and then it became, with time, and with the end of the interest of the one who created it, with his death often, represented a tyrannical, political and social situation that cannot diminish without withdrawing the privileges, often hidden, that it enjoys!

Many people want to live in specific residential areas because of the service “reputation” that these areas enjoy and the social or political prestige that housing represents, compared to others, despite the fact that the price of real estate in these areas is many times more that of others, and this is not due to the forests that surround these areas. Not the lakes that overlook it, but because of its advantages that can, with a few government decisions, be removed, and the area made undesirable to live in!

Consequently, the many negative, and of course positive, matters or manifestations, their keys lie in the hands of the government, which dominates the interests of the state, and draws its general policies, and whoever has the power to change the attractiveness of a residential area, and turn it upside down, can also change the attractiveness of the tribe or sect.

Note: For nearly 17 years, the corrupt powers and ‘bats of hatred’ have tried their best to fight and see the downfall of former National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al Ghanim.

They have failed to provide a single evidence to prove their alleged accusations of his bad administration and his poor performance. The reason I trust in Al Ghanim is enhanced because I believe that his enemies are bad losers.

What I said about Al Ghanim is also applicable to former MP and candidate who is contesting parliamentary elections from the Third Constituency Ahmad Al Fadhl.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 21780 times!

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