Travel, tourism firms bracing for summer after 3-years lull

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Ticket prices to remain stable

KUWAIT CITY, March 26: Tourism expert Kamal Kabsha said the tourism and travel market will see a surge in summer travels and reservations will pick up after three years due to the pandemic, reports Al- Anba daily. Kabsha poured cold water over fears of hike in airfares during the summer season in light of global geopolitical changes or high oil prices, especially as companies operating in this sector are waiting for the summer season with offer of competitive marketing plans to attract the biggest segment of customers.

He said: “It is very natural for the operational cost of flights to rise with the rise in oil prices, but many companies currently rely on modern airline fleets that reduce fuel consumption rates for flights by up to 15% and thus reduce operating cost relatively, which will naturally reduce the costs of ticket price. Kabsha stated that air carriers are well aware that the next season is an opportunity that may not be repeated often, which naturally pushes them to try to attract the biggest possible segment of target customers by offering competitive prices, which will ease the pressure of high demand on ticket prices.

This comes in addition to companies offering flights with a system of ‘maximizing returns’ as is in effect, in which plane seats are divided according to price segments, the first of which is lowcost to change with an incremental value, which allows many who wish to travel at a low cost to anticipate the upcoming flights. It is new, especially since the priority of booking gives a great opportunity to benefit from the lowest ticket prices on the flight, as well as in hotel reservations.

Kabsha stated that there are 3 main factors that stimulate the high demand for travel during the upcoming summer season, as follows:

– Kuwait’s lifting the restrictions that were imposed in the face of Covid-19 pandemic to counter the spread the virus, and the ongoing global approach to lifting restrictions will encourage citizens and residents to travel without fear.

– The suspension of air traffic since the start of the Corona crisis until the lifting of restrictions which forced a large segment of citizens and residents to change their previous travel plans for almost 3 years, which makes the next season an opportunity for many to make up for what they missed, which will raise of demand for travel.

– Many entities operating in the travel, tourism and air transport market are well aware of the growing demand, so they have provided competitive options for travelers to attract the biggest possible segment and compensate for the losses suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

This news has been read 26242 times!

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