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Travel ban on ex-manager’s son

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KUWAIT CITY, March 5: In a judicial prosecution on charges of money laundering, the Egyptian Public Prosecutor issued a decision to impose a travel ban on the son of the former insurance manager Fahad Al-Rajaan on the background of investigations conducted by the Egyptian Public Funds Prosecution in case No. 3864/2016 Administrative Department of Abdeen, which is registered under No. 1/2019 Money Laundering in Downtown Cairo.

The legal counsel representing Al-Rajaan’s son in Egypt submitted a petition to the Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office, demanding the lifting of the travel ban on his client. He stressed that his client had previously submitted a portfolio of documents in petition No. 59248 in which he stated that he had no connection to the decision on which travel ban was based The lawyer said his client has not set foot on the land of the Arab Republic of Egypt for more than 15 years, and he has no dealings, investments, or any financial transfers of any kind inside Egypt, just as the Public Prosecution in Kuwait has not brought any charges against him, and no decision has been issued of such kind by the Kuwaiti judicial authority to blacklist him or include his name in the lists of those banned from traveling. He demanded to know the details against his client according to the available evidence.

The lawyer submitted a copy of his client’s Kuwaiti passport, and affirmed that his passport was issued on March 31, 2022, and that the Kuwaiti authorities had no objection to its renewal. He explained that his client entered Egypt on December 9. When he went to the airport on December 11, 2022 to leave the country, he was surprised to know that he was prevented from traveling on the grounds that his name was included in the lists of those prohibited from leaving the country. Preventing his client from leaving Egypt as a result of his name being included in the lists of those banned from traveling caused him serious damage, especially since he has urgent circumstances for his temporary travel and his willingness to appear immediately to the investigation authorities whenever he is asked to do so. By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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