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Tourism sector unable to execute ‘projects revival’ – Entertainment lacking in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, March 6: Not a lot of effort is required to find examples regarding the inability of the country’s tourism sector to execute projects, the most prominent of which is perhaps the Subbiya desert for small projects. It showed how far-fetched the entertainment sector in the country seems to be, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to details related to the project, in August 2021, the Council of Ministers at the time had considered a recommendation to prepare a temporary land plot in Subbiya area to attract youth recreation projects.

However, the project was delayed, and it eventually led to the death of the entire project. Although the announcement of the project represented a glimmer of hope for reviving local tourism in the country, especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis, which undoubtedly reduced the desire among people to travel, the audience had hoped for an entertaining winter season under governmental sponsorship.

Many had prepared their equipment to spend a fun time in the boys’ camp amid projects of “Food Truck”, “Drive-in Cinema” and the shooting range. However, they were surprised that the project remained in oblivion. The winter season came and has almost ended without any peg being placed in the Subbiya recreational tent! Sources explained that the reason for the delay was that the project was not considered a priority. The period following the Cabinet’s assignment of the concerned authorities to establish the project had witnessed the resignation of the government, and then the formation of the new one, which led to the project being lost amid the government change.

The allocation of the land for the project in Subbiya desert area witnessed a delay. The allocation was not approved as of December 2021, that is, four months after the Council of Ministers assigned the project to the concerned authorities! Although the idea of reviving the land through entertainment projects was a youth production, which emerged as a result of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, with the presence of caravans, fast food trucks and others, the government agencies that liked the people’s gift were unable to repeat the experience.

The project did not pass the necessary stations to establish it on the ground. During a marketing tour organized by some sectors in charge of establishing the project, companies and owners of small and medium enterprises expressed their desire to participate, and they welcomed the project. There were signs to follow up on the project again, but due to the change in weather and the approaching end of the winter season, it is not possible to talk about the establishment of the project in the current season. Preparations will be in place for the next season, as two schemes have been prepared for the project. Some components of the project according to the scheme included bicycle track, drive-in cinema, shooting range, celebrations/ festivals stage, toy bazaar, light and fireworks show, video games arena, mobile cart shops and kiosks, racing car circuit, horse riding activities, football fields and beach volleyball area

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