Total number of expats with valid residency is 2,861,380: statistics

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‘2,017,084 are males and 844,296 females’

Maj-Gen Sheikh Faisal

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 12: The latest statistics issued by the Directorate-General of Residence Affairs, which is one of the sectors of the Department of the Nationality and Travel Documents headed by Major- General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf, revealed the total number of expatriates with valid residence in the country is 2,861,380 of whom 2,017,084 are males and 844,296 females.

According to the statistics issued by the Department of Residence, which is headed by Major-General Abdullah Al- Hajri as of Sept 1, 2018, the employees in the government sector or those who hold Article 17, are 107,887 of them 68,537 are male and 39,350 female, as for workers in the private sector the figure is 1,518,711 of whom 1,394,913 are male and 123,798 females.

According to the statistics, the number of domestic workers or those holding the Article 20 work permit is 687,267 with 349,273 male and 337,994 female. The total numbers of those who have a residence permit under Article 22 are 544,048, with 202,295 males and 341,753 females.

The statistics indicate the number of those who hold residence under Article 19 is 346 – 330 male and 16 females, as for those who are under Article 23 is 692 – 545 male and 147 female. On the other hand, a security source estimated the number of violators of the residence law as exceeding 90,000. The source pointed out the Ministry of the Interior is currently considering several options to reduce the number and pointed out among the options is the launch of intensive campaigns to prosecute them and take other measures against their sponsors.

The source expressed the hope that citizens and residents will participate in the pursuit of these segments and not hide or shelter them. The source stressed there are subsequent studies to take action against those who harbor violators of the residence law. The source pointed out that a large segment of the residence law violators are Asians followed by Arab nationalities, especially the Syrians, whose number is estimated to be about 10,000.

Speaking about the largest community in the country, the source said the Indians top the list followed by the Egyptians. Asked if the Interior Ministry would pursue the Syrians, the source said: “Certainly they will be prosecuted, because the situation in their country is no longer an obstacle for their return.”

This news has been read 23397 times!

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