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Saturday , December 3 2022

Too little, too late, says citizen’s son

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: Riyadh Al-Baghli, son of the missing citizen Muhammad Taher Al-Baghli, expressed his surprise that his father’s issue was included in the interpellation against the Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Nasser, reports Al-Nahar daily. He said, “I wish the honorable MPs had approached us and coordinated with us to get the correct information received. A total of six years, five months and three days have passed since the disappearance of my father, which is equivalent to 2,379 days … Not 15 years as reported. We commend MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri for highlighting my father’s file, but we had hoped that this had happened years ago, as many things have changed in the recent period since Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nasser became the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who made a big shift regarding my father’s case. Sheikh Ahmad is keen and interested in knowing our father’s fate, especially when he met with officials in Romania.

Al-Baghli with his son and his granddaughter

Since last September, strong action has been taken in this regard, and a special delegation was formed to review the investigations that took place on my father’s case”. He explained that there were many things that differed greatly from the previous one. Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Al-Nasser, when meeting with officials in Romania, did not leave any opportunity to mention the subject of my father. The Assistant Foreign Minister for European Affairs got the approval of the Romanian Foreign Minister to review the investigations through the Kuwaiti delegation that will arrive in Romania at the beginning of next March, as previous delegations met with the Romanian security authorities and heard from them only about the investigations that have taken place.

Baghli said, “Highlighting the issue of my father at this time was a mistake. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with all the staff concerned with European affairs, has been working effectively as a delegation with different specializations. Even during the era of the former foreign minister, there was interest, but now it is stronger than what it was in the past, especially after requesting to see all past investigations”. He said he hoped that the interest would expand and that the investigations would be repeated, as there were many things that would be clearer than before regarding the issue of losing his father. Meanwhile, Hajjaj Al-Ajmi said, “Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nasser, since the time he assumed the portfolio of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, exerted serious and relentless efforts to end our suffering and solve our outstanding issues, and has shown humility in dealing with our file”.

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