To Hamas and Al-Qassam … fear Allah towards the people of Gaza

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This morning, the war in Gaza completed its 24th day, and there are no signs on the horizon of a ceasefire on the killing, which is taking its toll on the living, and destroying everything on that land.

Ahmad-jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Being under all this fire, it is necessary to be frank and speak in a loud voice to the point of shouting, in the hope that those who are deaf will hear that the Al-Qassam adventure, which was known to four commanders inside the Gaza Strip, was neither up to the challenge that they had timed for nor were they as intelligent as the late President Anwar Sadat in terms of timing.

The late Egyptian president chose the timing of the October War carefully. It was based on one faction, which was the Egyptian people whose army had “the best soldiers on earth”.

It is true that the Arabs, not just the Egyptians, regained their pride on that day. However, anyone who reads the outcome of the October War knows from the first moment that the man was not about to “erase Israel from existence,” because of the international balance of power then and now, which does not accept such a thing to even come close to happening.

The Western world worked to create Israel in order for it to survive. This fact prompted Sadat to describe that war as a “war of stirring up the issue,” which he declared several times after the cessation of military operations.

From the moment of the meeting with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the threat he brought to Cairo, the man realized that “99 percent of the cards in the game are in Washington’s hands” – this was Sadat’s famous phrase but the Arabs were not convinced at that time. Despite that, he went to the “101 Kilometer Tent” negotiations and declared a truce as a prelude to a major settlement, which he got. This was because the world was in a situation that needed a bold decision. It had been accusing the Arabs of not wanting peace, especially since the Israeli “propaganda” sweeping Western societies was repeatedly publishing Ahmed Al-Shugairi’s slogan, which was adopted by the late Egyptian president Jamal Abdul-Nasser, – “We will throw the Jews into the sea.”

At that time, only the Muslim Brotherhood objected to Sadat’s position in Egypt, not because they sought to liberate Palestine, but rather because their goal was to seize power, even at the expense of the land and people of Egypt.

That is why fate allowed them to seize the reins of power in the year 2012 after the January 25 Movement that overthrew the late President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak. Within one year, the Egyptian people discovered that they were the group most attached to Israel.

On that day, that group indirectly agreed to the Israeli plan Giora Eiland, which was based on the establishment of a state in Gaza and Sinai and self-rule in the West Bank.

That day, President Mahmoud Abbas revealed that the ousted President Mohamed Morsi had addressed the matter to him.

However, why am I recalling these facts?

What is happening today in Gaza, and the fetichism that the Al-Qassam Brigades had ignited, has found someone riding its wave. They are the leaders of Hamas (who are from the Muslim Brotherhood) abroad who have become experts in investing the blood of the Palestinian people.

They announced from behind the television screens that they had achieved victory over Israel, and that it would soon disappear.

These people live on an imaginary idea because they did not see the great Western support for Israel and the flood of weapons and money that landed in Tel Aviv.

These people must be convinced that the dreams of birds did not apply to reality. On October 6, 1973, by a historical coincidence, it was a Saturday, a holiday for the Jews. Egypt had great military capabilities, and it was not besieged, but it also found Arab support.

As for Saturday, October 7, which is also a holiday for the Jews, Al-Qassam acted alone and did not take into account the Israeli reaction.

This is why, after the end of the war, Nasrallah’s saying, “If I had known,” will also be repeated, but in the words of Yahya Sinwar.

Before October 7, Israel was politically disintegrated. Its streets were crowded with demonstrations for rejecting Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy and were on the verge of exploding from within.

This process came to reunify it and save Netanyahu from three corruption cases in which he is accused.

Therefore, instead of him going to prison, the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation made him an Israeli leader similar to David Ben-Gurion.

It must be said that the killing and demolition practiced by Tel Aviv in the Gaza Strip is not equivalent to the losses it incurred. The number of Gazan casualties reached 8,000 dead and about 19,000 wounded, while about 250,000 housing units were destroyed, and 22 hospitals were out of service.

Israel’s toll to date is 1,450 dead and 6,000 wounded. The wounded are receiving the best medical care, while the people of Gaza are suffering from the siege imposed on them with no water, food, or medical equipment.

Let us put this in a better perspective – The Gazans began to declare publicly their boredom with the current situation. Everyone who spoke among them, or who made their voice heard, was accused of being a Zionist and an Israeli agent. The accusation even reached the heads of the Arab Gulf states, which, from the first moment of the aggression, had mobilized to stop the massacre.

Were the President of the UAE, the King of Saudi Arabia, the King of Bahrain, the Amir of Kuwait, and others required to take up arms and go to Gaza, while those who are trading in the issue from the so-called “axis of resistance” and who invited this war are making deals on behalf of the blood of the Palestinians?

Everyone advised that the hostages held captive by Al-Qassam be released, but the foolishness has no cure. This is why we reiterate that this stage requires a decision-maker like the late Anwar Sadat, and a unified Palestinian national authority so that each party does not open 21 factions at its expense.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 1714 times!

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