Time to clip wings of ‘chaos’

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What His Highness the Amir did, had to be done after some people went too far and the political game became boring and tiring, and dangerous for the stability of the nation, and even to its very existence, after street groups took control and imposed their bad parliamentary choices on us. Minutes after their victory was announced, they challenged everyone, without exception, until it became important for leaders to take action to address these challenges and ensure that the democratic process is respected and upheld. It’s also crucial for political representatives to act responsibly and in the best interests of the people they serve, rather than pursuing personal gain or acting recklessly.


We were, and still are, confident in the validity of the option of democratic rule, but the actions, words, and statements of a significant number of representatives demonstrated the extent of the recklessness that we would see, the amount of deception that they would follow, and the extent of the assault that they would reach on the symbols of the state and its stability. They are the ones against whom there are suspicions. All of this is in implementation of the desires of those who move them and aspire to what they are not qualified for, neither practically, nor morally or administratively. Finding a balance between democratic governance and stability can be challenging, but it’s essential for the well-being of the country and its citizens.

The recent election results and the behavior of certain political actors made everyone loyal to this country feel frightened. It was necessary to stop the danger with historic decisions that serve the public interest, by amending articles in the state’s constitution for the good of the nation. It was impossible to hand over the issue of this amendment and revision to a group led by their personal interests; or those subject to the pressures of the tribe and sect, and the pressures of the “parties” that contributed, materially and morally, to electing them to parliament, and guiding them to achieve their political goals, and on top of that, they are guided by their previous grudges, their previous history, and the way in which they became citizens, and subsequently legislators, with no other concern than ‘either you listen to us and fulfill our demands, or we will put brakes on the wheels of the ruling vehicle’ thus obstructing the interests of citizens, paralyzing ministerial decisions, and turning the situation into an unbearable hell.

In such situations, it became necessary for the leadership to take bold steps, including constitutional amendments, to safeguard the public interest and maintain the security and stability of the homeland. While respecting democratic principles, it’s crucial for leaders to prioritize the supreme interest of the nation above all else and to prevent destructive elements from obstructing progress and harming the interests of citizens. Many people, including those who are classified as political and financial analysts, and also some who like to be called intellectuals, promote that the issues that are awaiting decision and decision-making, whether they are economic, social, financial, or urgent administrative appointments, which must have priority over other matters and issues, specifically opening files of forgers and citizenship issues.

This is a flawed and dangerous statement. The majority of those who would be responsible for making reform decisions and issuing legislation in the future are complaining of bad conduct and suspicions of tampering with their identity files, the identity of their relatives, and the national identity as a whole. So how is it permissible to assign these people a role in reforming the state’s situation, and a role in making the most dangerous other decisions? We all hope that the demands of those who are zealous of the interests of the state will be fulfilled, and that we will see all our ambitions for enlightenment and progress become a reality on the ground. I participated in all parliamentary elections, and I was, and still am, a champion and supporter of democracy and civil and political freedoms, but the predicament that some, aspiring and saboteurs, have led us to, has pushed us to strongly welcome the new decisions. The Constitution, after more than 60 years, was in real need of amendment, and it was impossible to put the task of amendment in the hands of someone who could not be trusted, nor in his qualifications, nor in his loyalty, nor in the truth of his affiliation!

By Ahmad alsarraf
e-mail: [email protected]

This news has been read 1775 times!

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