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Thursday , February 9 2023

Time is up for MPs who make ‘empty promises’

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

SOME MPs imagine that by the time they reach the green chairs, they are above the law and they have the right to dictate their desires to the government and citizens. They want to turn the National Assembly Hall into a boxing ring where they take revenge on their enemies.

Those poor MPs think things are still the same and time has not changed. We confidently say to them that today is no longer the same as yesterday. They have to be aware of dramatic changes which exceeded their limited sights that are crammed in their threadbare gowns.

To those who seek throwing stones at others, declaring themselves as guardians of the government and citizens while controlling the Parliament; we say to them, “Stop there. You need to look at yourselves in the mirror and remember that before hurling stones at others, your houses are made of thin glass and your history is just a mirage.”

When Kuwaitis voted for such a category of MPs, they had no intention to replicate the dark period. Actually, they wanted to give those MPs a chance to reasonably participate in lawmaking and actualizing renaissance which was delayed for a long time due to the aimless wrangling witnessed in previous parliaments.

That dull period witnessed the dictatorship of a group of MPs who proposed laws criminalizing the act of criticizing them. Voters did not grant those MPs blank cards to take revenge or to put themselves above the law and the Constitution.

Citizens paid a high price for that period so they punished the devastating group via electoral boxes, thereby, taking them out of the political scene.

It is said that a fool tests those already tested. This saying must be instilled in the minds of MPs in order to prevent them from following the methods of their previous colleagues. They need to be aware that the loud voice is no longer terrifying.

Those MPs need to wake up and stop thinking that their victory in the election means their electoral promises have become laws. They must study the lesson well; otherwise, they will end their parliamentary experience even before it starts.

Somebody might not be aware of the real role of MPs especially those who ignored the Constitution and the Parliament decree. Some MPs think the culture of their own parties must be the culture of the entire society even if it contradicts the inherited Kuwaiti culture which citizens have adopted for centuries.

This type of MPs try to force all citizens to follow their footsteps, their way of eating and dressing, in addition to asking others to adopt their positions on Kuwait’s foreign relations particularly with other Gulf countries. These relations have become deeper and stronger than any written treaties especially in the field of national security in the GCC as well as confronting terrorism and handling economic issues.

MPs have legislative and monitoring roles according to the articles of the Constitution. Any MP who thinks there are no limits set before him while considering himself a tiger which frightens others through his loud voice needs to amend his situation and admit he is wrong.

We, in Kuwait, do not need tigers made of paper. We do not need a government terrified by a glimpse of a minister’s grilling.

Kuwaitis look forward to seeing real legislative achievements and major projects which will take them out of the miserable period. They need to see steps towards finding alternative sources of income. It is no longer acceptable to remain under the control of prices of oil which, until now, is the only source of national income.

‘O’ MPs … the time of raising empty slogans is up. The Kuwaiti train has reached a new station which needs suitable men.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times