Three functions of money

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Money is the primary motivator of humans in almost all of their actions. It gets them closer to each other, the destroyer, the builder and the destroyer and the humiliating one, the dearest for the individual, the source of his strength and weakness and money unites families and divides them.

The English proverb says: “The money you have is the money you spend”, that is to say, the money you have is actually the money you spend. As for the money in the bank, it belongs to the bank, until we withdraw it and spend it and it becomes ours.

This does not mean that we spend everything we have so that money becomes our money, but rather that we understand that saving money in anticipation of a rainy day may not always be a wise thing. Our whole life may pass, and we will reach old age, and death will come before the rainy day and we will regret on our deathbed for being late in enjoying what we had.

The best proof of this is that the majority left our world, and their bank balances have not been touched for decades,

A financial psychologist says that the majority of people believe that money has one function, as it is a means of purchasing the services and materials we need. But the truth is that money has three other functions. The smart people know that money has another function: it is to buy what we need, and to save other part.

As for the very smart, they believe that money has three functions: to spend it, to save it, and thirdly to invest it because money loses its value over time, and that is why man created the interest equation on capital. A thousand dinars ten years ago is not a thousand dinars today, thus, if we do not invest money properly, its value will diminish over time and it will become almost nothing with time.

As for the wise, they believe that money has four functions: that we use to purchase materials and services; to save a portion of it for emergencies, to invest a part of what we have saved in order to face its depreciation in value over time, and finally to donate a part of it, and we are happy to alleviate the suffering of others, the needy, the sick and the destitute.

Thus we find that pleasure and happiness in giving to rich generous people are equivalent to pleasure and happiness when receiving money or wealth, and sometimes even outweigh it.

From this standpoint, the “Human Friendship Society” calls on generous people and money to donate to support its distinguished humanitarian projects especially in the fields of education and treatment.

The Society welcomes all those who wish to visit its offices and see its projects, accounts and the methods used in disbursing the donations it receives, which the Society’s board of directors does not deduct anything from those in charge of it.

e-mail: [email protected]

By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 18918 times!

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