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Sunday , January 29 2023

‘This is not how our problems are solved; can’t blame expats every time’

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“ALL indications confirm that state officials are targeting the weakest party in every problem that Kuwait suffers from. When the traffic crisis intensifies, we find that the state turns to the expatriates, as if they are the cause of the problem, and deliberately forgets those who helped them,” columnist Mohammad Al Jalahmah wrote for Al-Anba daily.

Mohammad Al-Jalahmah

“I mean those in charge of the Traffic General Department, especially young employees, and we know exactly the reasons for what they did, and I do not want to go into the justifications for the weakness of the employee or the official in front of the temptations presented to him, then we direct our anger towards the expatriates and threaten them with deportation and referral to trial.

“Of course, this does not apply to those who disregard the law and submit forged documents; because these people should not be tolerated, but by what I mentioned above I mean those who obtained driving licenses via crooked ways and I say these people are not at fault, and they should not be questioned, rather they should ask those who helped them and why.

“Going back to the weaker party in the matter of violators of the residence law, we all know the reasons for the increase in violating workers, as a large part falls on the sponsorship law that the state has been working on for decades, and it announced more than once its intention to change this law, yet the statements remained ink on paper and good efforts did not see the light, and I doubt that you will see the light in the near future.

“The state knows that large numbers have violated due to the blackmailing of some sponsors, absenteeism and closing the files of companies that have been proven to trade in residency, and the result is tens of thousands of violators and threats, but rather the implementation of plans to pursue them and deport those who are caught, although they came hoping for an honorable profit, they sold everything they owned and arrived and they had no knowledge of these regulations, and they were recruited by companies specialized in the residency trade.

“Addressing our problems should not depend on quick, unscientific solutions, but rather they should be solutions that look to the future. The traffic crisis in Kuwait requires expansion in the urban area, building the best road network, and the speed of launching the subway or a dream that we may not see on the ground.

“I am optimistic that the Prime Minister, His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah would do all of this and on this occasion I congratulate him on the entertainment projects that have begun to see light of day, and I wish more of them so that our children find an outlet instead of any behavior that offends them and affects their future and the future of the country.

“As for the file of violators, I hope we give them a sufficient period of more than 6 months, while providing facilities for those who have been deceived, with the development of a new law for the residence of expatriates, in which the owners of companies have nothing to do with them provided that a subsequent law is established to track violators and refer them to deportation and punish those who harbor them.”

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