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The wise man … your brave position is in order

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT IS not surprising to see Lebanese wise man Samir Ja’aja taking a clear and frank position with an undisputable description. It is what Lebanon needs at this sensitive stage, even if it is late. This is because the situation of that tiny country can no longer be tolerated even by the Lebanese who exaggerate loyalty for a certain faction, party or sect.

Yes, the pronouncement made by Ja’aja deserves deep thought within the Arab and international communities to ensure that Lebanon is not lost in the game of compromises, part of such scenarios we witnessed a couple of days ago along the Lebanese border. It revitalized the regional postal box at the expense of the Lebanese.

The man made this statement at a time Lebanon has only few men: “We maintained legitimacy when danger came knocking on the door of the State, while they were making fun of the legitimacy with all misery and flippancy to serve a petty State when the country is being built. We have the honor to sacrifice for Lebanon to the point of martyrdom, while they enjoy sacrificing Lebanon and its people to the point of migration, gradual death and bankruptcy.”

This was affirmed by one of the brains behind the leadership reconciliation that led to election of a Hezbollah ally as president of the country. The hopeful Lebanon remains under the crack bayonet of Iran’s Hezb. It is the one excruciating the neck with rusty knives without giving a damn, while mortgaging the political rabbits which jump left and right with rabble-rousing.

Wise man, allow us to be frank with you concerning the position of love for Lebanon that was once the oasis of ideas and freedom, as well as the lung with which the Arabs breathed. A country with three leaders cannot stand firm, because every visiting official must visit all those three and listen to three different positions as if they are for different countries. Each of them has his political and non-political remarks from sectarian followers. This is the reason why the Lebanese Council of Ministers has become a club of representatives of blocs under the control of their sects rather than being a government in charge of the country. Its decision comes from a tunnel in the southern area issuing decisions for war and peace, while making money laundering deals up to the extent of implicating the banking sector.

Wise man, Lebanon is really a banana republic and infamy throne rather than being a cedar tree republic and laurels with which Lebanese martyrs that fought for the future free nation are honored. The petty State is controlled by the Hezb of multibillion deals and strengthened by foreign muscles. This is the reason why the deal has come in the form of who will sell his country for 30 pieces of silver, not the position you have taken to build the country by retrieving it from the petty State.

The fangs of the prominent petty State are more than any time in the past due to prejudice from leaders who cover their battlefront for the sake of seats being held by three leaders. One of them is looking for political inheritance at the expense of your country, while the second is an ally of the Iranian knife and the third is searching for a role that can perpetuate him in the helm of affairs.

The musical bands are chorusing the rhyme of discordance and failure, beating the drum for this and that, while abandoning the people of Lebanon as hostages of the unknown. Your elites are migrating in search for opportunities, while others are sunk in debts ten folds of what your country can bear. The western financial and economic sanctions are almost moving the country into an unprecedented pitfall. Industries are folding up, farmlands lie fallow and wastes overwhelm the country. Is this the type of Lebanon your citizens’ desire?

Wise man, you say in your country: “Oh Lebanon, we have lost you”, while we tell you to rescue your country by breaking the overbearing Iranian knife to ensure that your martyrs do not die twice. Wise man, your brave position is in order.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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