Wednesday , September 27 2023

The teacher and ‘Le Bon’

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The Muslim societies are characterized by a great deal of religiosity that you see on people’s faces, wall graffiti, the names of people and places, the large number of places of worship, through the media, and what permeates people’s words of religious words that are constantly repeated and the use of heavy oaths to show credibility.

We also find mosques full, especially on religious occasions, and we find crowds of people performing the Hajj, fasting is almost followed by everyone, and worshippers are punctual when it comes to prayers, and the voice of the one who recites is heard distinctively far and wide by people riding a taxi, working in shops, all workers and so on, but it remains manifestations while the essence is completely different, and everyone knows about it, but almost no one wants to talk about it.

A video clip went viral in the social media showing an angry gathering of men and women trying to enter a school building and the police car and a large number policemen trying to prevent them from doing so, and the situation continues to be tense between the police and the people, who all seem to show signs of piety on faces of men and clothes of women. They assaulted a woman who turned out to be a teacher in the school who refused to allow her students to cheat.

That gathering seemed pious and faithful to the core in its appearance, but internally and externally, was ready to kill a school teacher because she insisted on preventing children from cheating.

These strange and murderous behaviors, runs contrary to all logic and humanity, cannot be found anywhere but in our ‘believing’ nations.

In a similar video clip, we see a number of parents of students from a school in Egypt, with the same faces and signs of faith written all over their faces, standing on the sidewalk opposite the hall where exams are being organized. It seems that some party smuggled them with exam questions, so every father, mother and sister, carrying copies of school books, and in a scene that provokes laughter and tears at the same time, and can only be seen in our unfortunate countries, raise their voice loudly to answer the exam questions from the sidewalk, from school books, for their daughter or son to hear it to get the full mark, by cheating.

A sad and painful scene that reminds me of the words of Gustave Le Bon: ‘Religious peoples do not feel remorse when they commit a moral or legal error, because they were brought up on the concept that worship erases sins.” I don’t know what we expect from future generations, as life’s challenges are getting more and more difficult for our peoples every day.

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By Ahmad alsarraf