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Saturday , March 25 2023

The ‘sins’ of foreigners and reformist minister

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I received the following message on WhatsApp:

The “Environmental Police” asks every citizen to be a watchdog, and to inform us when seeing any expatriate on the sea or any place that is exploiting the sea and land and rents the place or sees any violations of littering, on the number 90004439.

 It is clear from the poor language of the sender and not a government agency, so it offends the resident, and among these are those who love Kuwait more than some of us.

What we see of sabotage, throwing waste and committing violations includes everyone, and is not limited to the expatriate, and therefore expatriates and citizens must report any violations, whether the perpetrator is a citizen or a resident.

We hope that the Public Relations Department of the Interior Ministry will reformulate the message, circulate it for the benefit of the community, and request that the Environmental Police number 90004439 be kept on the mobile phone to report any violation.

We also wish the honorable Interior Ministry Undersecretary to support this service. From my experience, I did not always find a response when calling. The Environment Police also needs the service of registering the caller’s number, to call him back, or to register his complaint automatically and follow it up.

Foreigners, or rather residents and expatriates, are the ones who participated with us in building this country, and they have the largest share, and they deserve all our love and respect.

The General Traffic Department also announced its intention to check the files of driving licenses for expatriates, especially those granted under exceptions during previous years, and to cancel them.

This is a good and long-awaited matter but publishing it in this way is a big offense to the feelings of residents, as if they are the only ones who commit violations and pay bribes to obtain driving licenses.

Note that whoever made it easy for them to issue it is the Kuwaiti official or the man in uniform himself, who must be held accountable before them.

The biggest offense was the newspapers publishing the news on their front pages, and this increased the unjustified offense!

In the future, the media must not highlight news that is offensive to the feelings of others, especially since the majority of these people work with us and live among us, so how can we defame their reputation?

We seize this opportunity to express our support to the security forces in their ongoing war against drug dealers and smugglers, after Kuwait has become an attractive target by land, sea and air from Iraq, Iran and Lebanon.

If I were in the place of the Ministry of Interior, I would request a “free of abuse” certificate or a certificate from the psychiatric authority before issuing a driving license or rather processing the request for a driving license.

I have never met Mr. Fahd Al-Shariaan, Minister of Commerce and Minister of Social Affairs, and we only spoke by phone one or two times, to thank him for his efforts in the two ministries.

As a businessman and the head of a charity organization, I bear witness that this minister took measures which his predecessors did not dare to take, to control the activities of the charity societies, organize the work of the Ministry of Commerce, and implemented major reforms. He deserves to stay in both ministries to complete his necessary reforms.

After a long wait, the Information Ministry finally agreed to release our book:

It will be available, as of today, in the bookshops of That Al-Salasel.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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