The Shenzhou-16 astronauts return safely to Earth

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The Chinese Manned Space Agency has reported that the astronauts of the Shenzhou-16 mission are in excellent physical condition, and the mission itself was completed successfully.

The agency further disclosed that the return capsule of the Shenzhou-16 spacecraft, carrying astronauts Jing Haiping, Zhou Yangzhou, and Gui Haizhao, safely touched down at the Dongfeng landing site in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, located in northern China, at 8:11 am, Beijing time, on Tuesday.

In a detailed account of the mission, the agency explained that the return capsule separated from the Shenzhou-16 orbital capsule at 7:21 a.m. Following this, the brake motor was activated, and the return capsule detached from the propulsion capsule.

Immediately after the return capsule’s landing, the ground research team promptly arrived at the site. The medical team confirmed that the astronauts were in sound health.

The Shenzhou-16 mission was launched on May 30, marking a significant milestone as the first manned mission in the application and development phase of the Chinese space station.

During their 154-day stay in orbit, the crew conducted a total of 70 space experiments, conducted a spacewalk, delivered a lecture from the space station, and assisted in the removal of payloads from the station on multiple occasions.

This news has been read 718 times!

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