The ‘shameful’ truth

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Until the 1950s, Korea was a mere marginal, non-industrialized, semi-backward state, and was the most tempting victim of the Great Colonial Zone countries during the wars in the region.

Korea was not known for outstanding poets or artistes or inventors and never believed in myths or visited by our clergymen and the stories of the One Thousand and One Nights did not enter the world of imagination of their children, and lost almost all the wars it was involved in.

However, Korea changed with time through the best methods of education and efficiency of its people and managed to establish companies such as Samsung which built the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Malaysia’s towers, tallest in the world.

Korea has also established the largest industrial empire ranging from home appliances to mobile phones, automobiles, jet engines, and wristwatches, in addition to industrial and construction activities.

In more than 60 other countries Korea runs scientific institutes and schools, and have built even zoos, children’s parks, hospitals and medical treatment centers and hotels, tourist resorts, and entered the world of ready-made clothes.

This is in addition to other huge industries which build oil tankers, armored vehicles and tanks, drones, and robots which are being used by armies and have the ability to identify and destroy targets. Samsung is only one company among the dozens of similar others.

I do not care about all this, we will reach their level one day, and determining this day is not important, what interests me is the following facts:

First, unlike the smaller religious minorities, the Christians are the strongest. A majority of the Koreans do not know or believe in the Day of Judgment. They work for the day and for the future of their children, grandchildren and homeland.

Second, ‘we’ have no ability, without exception, to outdo any Korean company, in any field.

Thirdly, not all of ‘our’ countries spend what Korea spends on non-profit medical research let alone other researches.

Fourth, Samsung alone has the genetic research centers that will determine the future of the human race, and we not only know nothing about this subject but deny even if we talk about it.

We always attribute our backwardness to imperialism while ignoring that Korea was a colony one day. India was colonized for more than 100 years and China lost half of its population due to opium while the other half lived under poverty line. However, all these countries have put the past behind them and stood up to be counted among the world’s largest economies.

Yes, we have millions of cows and goats, but the children in our countries sleep without milk, while the Netherlands has one tenth of our cattle, yet exports milk, butter and cheese to the world.

Most of our countries either spend money, or rather the remaining money that has not been stolen, to buy weapons in order to protect their ‘own regimes’ at first, second to fight the brotherly states and to defend their homeland one day – if a homeland remains worth defending.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

This news has been read 13622 times!

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