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The shamed felt ashamed

ONE of my dear friends, who I trust well, told me about an unfortunate event that took place on the day he arrived in Kuwait after spending his summer vacation in an Arab country. He asked me to tell the story to my dear readers.

My friend said he is not sure if he was lucky or unlucky to have booked a plane ticket on Kuwait Airways “The wounded blue bird”. His ticket was for a seat in the business class, and the flight was smooth until it arrived in Kuwait when the plane landed on a distant runway. We are used to this because the Directorate General for Civil Aviation prioritizes the use of nearby runways for foreign aviation companies. The Arab proverb, “A doe of an area loves bucks of a different area” can be applied in such a situation.

However, the passengers had to wait for a long time before the iron ladder was brought down. My friend said, while he was waiting for the ladder to be set in place, he spoke on the phone with those who were waiting to receive him in order to tell them the reason behind the delay. He said he was informed that the parking spot of the plane was changed more than once, and the airport authorities did not have any unused ladders.

My friend stayed silent until the exit door of the plane was opened. The passengers were then allowed to leave the plane via the “diamond ladder”. My friend was received at the VIP hall where he was accompanied by someone to get his luggage. After a long time, he finally managed to get his luggage. Despite the “Priority” tag on his luggage, the luggage of all the passengers of the economy class arrived first.

It seems those in-charge of Kuwait Airways still cling to communist tendencies in terms of prioritizing the poor rather than the rich. My friend laughed because it is said that the worst affliction can provoke laughter.

His luggage was placed in a car that was near the exit gates of the VIP hall. Surprisingly, they realized that the electric fence was broken, which meant they were stuck in the car for 15 minutes until an Asian technician arrived to fix the problem. After a long time, the technician declared his inability to connect electricity to the fence. He, with the help of a security guard, managed to move the fence manually after which the car was free to leave.

All the abovementioned suffering was due to the negligence of the private-public sector represented by Kuwait Airways Corporation, and the carelessness of the public sector represented by Directorate General for Civil Aviation.

Can anybody imagine this is happening in a country that sends money reaching billions throughout the world, while its own citizens are deprived of their own fortune due to neglect, inefficiency and stinginess?

In conclusion, I have nothing to say to the concerned in-charge officials on behalf of my friend except, “You have made us feel ashamed either because of your actions or your negligence; it makes no difference. You caused the shamed to feel ashamed”.


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil




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