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The problems of Lebanon’s Monsieur Liban

Monsieur Liban descends from a family that has deep roots in history. He is considered a beloved, handsome figure. He inherited a great fortune from his father and grandparents and it seemed for a while that life would leave him enjoying his youth forever.

Being single, most beautiful women were seen around him, and he became a target for mothers of all girls in the region, as everyone was asking his closeness because of the love of life he knew, intimacy and generosity of the table, and he was one of the most skilled plastic surgeons.

 Monsieur Liban was known for his sense of humor, and he was proficient in singing, drawing and playing the piano, and he had a wonderful voice, in addition to having a cultural and literary sense that you do not see in his surroundings, he was the founder of the first publishing house and the owner of the first printing press, and what he and his family did of unprecedented works was as a cultural revolution in an area known for its rigidity, and its adherence to the old traditions.

Because of that, his homes, or his palaces, were the favorite place to hold the most extravagant parties, weddings and birthdays that the traditions of others did not allow to establish in their areas.

 His visitors and loved ones were countless, and he did not hesitate to spend on them generously from what he earned and from the returns of the huge real estate and tourism estate that he inherited, in addition to his income from his clinics, and the sales of spring water located in mountain properties.

With the increase in the poverty of the region in which he lives, the increase in its problems, and its small wars, his conditions were inevitably affected especially after he accepted the asylum of every person in need or seeking justice or defender of freedom or opponent to find a good meal, a tender and kind heart.

 The resistance of Monsieur Liban to the many problems around him did not last long, especially after the bad fellows from his friends and family gathered around and those who used to manage his many companies and his vast properties.

His enemies from outside his region also conspired against him, after they were tired of their opponents fleeing and taking refuge in his homes, and providing them with shelter, so, they sent those who provided drugs to him, consequently he became an addict, and his condition was gradually affected, and then he considerably lost his mind, therefore villains began to rob him and sell his property at low prices and divide the difference with those who bought them and sharing  the profits of selling the products of his farms with those in charge of them, and entering into a partnership with the garbage collectors from his palaces and properties, and the parties that supplied them  fuel and electricity.

 The wheel of spending began to accelerate, and the income decreased a lot, and even the smallest of his workers seized the opportunity and began to steal the contents of his palaces and take them to their homes or sell them at the cheapest prices.

 With the increase in his health and financial troubles, Monsieur Liban became inclined to associate with the mobs and the most deviant, so he looked like an old man with gray hair in a short period and dark circles appeared around his eyes, and his voice and his hearing diminished and he became lonely.

A number of his relatives whose hands were not stained with theft met and decided to do something to save him, but he rejected all their proposals and insisted on keeping his bad fellows and those that run his business, so what was happening was with his consent, after he became addicted to drug abuse, and captive to his drug providers.

His family and friends were confused in what they must do to save what can be saved from the legacy of the man, his reputation and the renowned family, so they resorted to the judiciary to appoint someone to take over his affairs, preserve what remained of his wealth, treat addiction, and prepare him for a return to his normal life.

Monsieur Liban is in Lebanon today, which has become in dire need of an international force to pull it out of the calamity that it fell into, and the necessity to impose guardianship over it, manage its affairs, restore balance to its economic conditions, schedule its debts, and disburse the foreign aid that will be received in a proper manner, and this needs holding an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations, with the aim of implementing international legitimacy decisions, protecting the Lebanese constitution and implementing the Taif Agreement.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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