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Friday , September 17 2021

The need for humanity


The world having become a single global village, no country can afford to live in isolation especially after seeing what is happening around them and recognizing the global dramatic changes. This is not logical!

AbdulRahim, an Afghan Muslim soldier, lost both hands after a landmine explosion which almost killed him. Abdul Rahim lived a miserable life, his life has become unbearable. How he wished to be killed in that explosion. He is living in a society which is unjust and cruel.

But Joseph is an Indian citizen and a Christian. He lived with his wife and daughter in one of the prominent cities of Kerala. He suddenly met with an accident which left him, paralyzed and clinically dead.

Another Indian, Dr Subramanian Iyer, a Hindu, is a professor and head of plastic surgery at the Amrita Hospital. He is also the author of more than 50 medical researches and has written 3 books in his field.

This Hindu doctor met the Afghan Abdul Rahim, a Muslim and (some relatives of Joseph) the Christian in the operation theater and through prior arrangement a surgery was performed to implant the hands of the clinically dead Joseph into Abdul Rahim.

Then a few days later one afternoon, Dr Subramanian and Abdul Rahim, and the wife of Joseph and his daughter, addressed the media not only to announce the success of the operation, but also the success of this historic event from the humanitarian point of view.

The glow of happiness was seen in the eyes of the widow of Joseph and his daughter because it reminded them of the happy moments each time they touched the hands of Joseph. They were so happy that the hands were given to the man who was in dire need for them, irrespective of the gender or nationality, or religion. Humanity knows no boundaries and does not differentiate.

Such a simple humanitarian work, and the splendor of its meaning, it cannot happen in our homelands? How many would accept the organ transplant from a clinically dead member of their family to a Hindu or a Buddhist, for example, even if it is a dire need? Do we accept to donate our blood (which is of high quality) to save the life of a Christian who needs a drop of blood, who lies in an operation theater? Is it easy for us to allow the transplant part of the body of a dead relative into the body of another non-Muslim?

Why do we not hesitate for a moment when we use the organs of others, their blood and their knowledge? We often marry their daughters, and at the same time we are not only stingy about our (purity) but make these things forbidden for others.

Humanity knows no boundaries and has no identity. Humanity is like the judiciary and is supposed to be blind and not differentiate when money, food, guidance or experience is offered.

We all are humans, he who is in need, is the one who deserves. That is what we need to teach our children in schools and at home that people of white, yellow or black skin are the same. We need to teach our children to be more human.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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