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The Mullah regime, an acoustic phenomenon

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IT feels like the Iranian nuclear talks in Vienna, Austria, has turned out to be like a boring TV series, as the Iranians are not in the process of making any progress to help build confidence with the international community.

Their intransigence confirms that they are practicing blackmail while trying to compensate on the fronts of the proxies, either in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or Yemen, under the illusion that this will subdue the countries and break their isolation, in preparation for its reintroduction into the international club.

Therefore, when the spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh said his country’s delegation in Vienna is focused on lifting sanctions, and asserted that, “We will not accept anything less than this. We will not undertake any commitment more than what was stated in the nuclear agreement. The new commitments have no place in our negotiations”, the only explanation for this is that the Mullahs regime is playing on the chord of investing in time until the countries participating in the current negotiations accede.

Tehran may miss the fact that the United States of America is an indirect participant in the “4+1” talks that are taking place between countries, which until recently had good relations with the Mullahs regime, meaning that the problem is not with the United States directly.

Rather, Washington’s withdrawal from the previous nuclear agreement was a golden chance for those countries to reformulate it to guarantee international peace and security. Since the unveiling of the military nuclear project, the whole world has confirmed that it will not allow Tehran to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

This firm position did not come out of the blue. It all started when Khomeini took control of the state in 1979. Since then, this regime adopted terrorist and subversive policy and practiced it for four decades. It also launched the war against Iraq one year after the Mullahs came to power, and carried out terrorist operations in Britain and France. It made an assassination attempt on Shahpour Bakhtiar on their soil, and supported Afghan terrorist groups during the war with the Soviet Union.

All of the aforementioned events and situations led these countries to look with suspicion at any Iranian guarantees. They will not accept the return of the terrorist regime without removing its nails and teeth, not only in the region, but in the world.

Therefore, the Iranian intransigence in Vienna is nothing more than an acoustic  phenomenon that has been ongoing for four decades about the divine victories achieved by the Mullahs on all fronts, when in fact they are all setbacks and defeats.

It is unreasonable for a regime with such strength globally and regionally, as it claims, to not be able to secure water in a large part of its country. From time to time, it witnesses large-scale uprisings because of the hunger that knocks on the doors of about 80 percent of the people. Hence, how will it be able to subject the world to its delusions?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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