The modern history of the Jewish state

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American Thomas Tonon wrote an article in the Princeton University Journal, last May 9, relating to the humanitarian and positive positions of the distinguished American scientist Albert Einstein regarding Israel, the establishment of a Jewish state, and his rejection of the offer to become its first president.

Tonon begins his article entitled “A Jew’s Journey” with a comment that David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, met the scientist Einstein at Princeton University, where Einstein had previously studied, and subsequently became one of its professors, to convince him to become president of Israel, but Einstein rejected the offer.

In a speech Einstein gave in 1938, he said: I would rather see a reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the establishment of a Jewish state.

In a quote dating back to the late 1920s, Einstein said: If we cannot find a way to cooperate and make honest treaties with the Arabs, we have learned absolutely nothing in two thousand years of suffering.

Einstein also previously co-signed a letter on December 4, 1948, addressed to the New York Times, with 28 other prominent members of the American Jewish community, stating that the “Freedom Party,” led by Menachem Begin, is a political party very similar in its organization, methods, political philosophy, and social appeal for the Nazi and fascist parties.

Referring to the massacre committed by the Jews against the Arabs in the village of Deir Yassin, the letter stated that the (Jewish) terrorists, far from being ashamed of their action, were proud of this massacre, and spread it widely. The Deir Yassin incident embodies the character and actions of the Freedom Party, headed by Begin.

In an additional description of the Freedom Party, he described the party as containing a mixture of extremist nationalism, religious mysticism, and racial supremacy, and that it bears the unmistakable character of a fascist party that targets terrorism against Jews, Arabs, and Britons alike, and that it used deception as a means.

The letter from Einstein and his companions ended by saying that America should turn its back on Begin and not support “this latest manifestation of fascism.”

Ten years before that letter, Einstein had announced at the Commodore Hotel in New York that the existence of a Jewish state with borders and an army to protect those borders contradicts “the basic nature of Judaism.”

As he told the Anglo-American Commission of Inquiry into the Palestinian Question in 1946: I cannot understand why there is a need for a Jewish state. I think it is a bad thing.

There are many quotes about Einstein in Fred Jerome’s book, which show the truth about his provocative ideas about the Middle East and his positive position on the conflict.

It appears, from current events in Israel, that the nature of its government has not changed much since Einstein’s time. The reason for this is that Zionism, as a political entity, is a form of fascism, and no political party in Israel can be truly democratic if it promotes Zionist ideals.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 801 times!

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