Tuesday , September 26 2023

The last talk, before passing away

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I have reached a ripe old age, and lived a happy life that was not disturbed by anything other than the painful memories of the invasion and occupation of my country by Iraq; and today I have no need for anything other than health, as I have enough to live in luxury, inside or outside Kuwait, for the rest of my life.

Therefore, on a personal level, I do not need favors from any candidate, deputy, or official, with full respect for everyone, and for the rest of the honorable people who contest the National Assembly, despite their fewness, and they often know what I mean, and this is what I hope.

I am stripped of every interest or purpose, and my standing with this candidate or others, is mainly due to my jealousy over the interest of my country, and not to personal benefits, as among those who support his candidacy are those whom I have not met, and I have no commercial interest, narrow or broad, in choosing and supporting these candidates, for I am not worried about my fate, but rather about the fate of this country, which continues to erode, and I am also worried about the future of my children, grandchildren, family, and the rest of the good citizens, whose number is decreasing every day.

From this humble rostrum, I invite all those who love Kuwait to set aside their emotions and judge their minds, as they choose who will represent them in the next Parliament, which will, in my opinion, be the most dangerous in the history of Kuwait, and its role will be decisive. Either its results, with the sincere and serious cooperation of the government, will pull us out of the pit we find ourselves in, if not our situation will get worse.

You have to choose the best, and this will not happen if we do not leave our homes on June 6, and cast our ballot but not on sectarian or tribal basis, or whoever owes allegiance to his guide … albeit abroad.

Stop complaining about the existence of corruption and ruin, and try to change something by trying to choose the best, not the one that tickles the emotions for cheap gains for such people will even deny you your livelihood.

Make a good choice, as the opportunity will not be repeated, and I say it without any cheap purpose. You should vote today for those who have previously supported us in previous articles and tweets. These are symbols that we know for sure the truth about their nature and their sincerity, at least, by knowing who attacks them and wants them to fail!

I repeat again that I am financially, psychologically and emotionally sound, and I have no personal motive in supporting the best people!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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