‘The landfill condition is disturbing and painful’

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 14: In a field visit conducted on Thursday morning, the Environmental Affairs, Food, and Water Security Committee inspected the waste dumping site on the Southern Seventh Ring Road to assess the environmental conditions and identify potential violations. The committee, led by Chairman Representative Dr. Hamad Al-Matar and MP Daoud Marafi, expressed deep concern about the situation during their tour and raised questions about the role of the authorities responsible for the site.

The Environmental Affairs, Food, and Water Security Committee made a field visit Thursday morning to the waste dumping site on the Southern Seventh Ring Road.

MP Al-Matar, in a subsequent press statement, characterized the conditions at Al-Mardam as disturbing and unacceptable, particularly given its proximity to residential areas. The landfill, covering an area of 4.5 million square meters, serves four governorates, receiving 7,000 tons of household waste and 12,000 tons of sand daily. Al-Matar emphasized that the waste, if managed scientifically, could be an economic asset, placing responsibility on the Minister of Municipality, the Minister of Oil, and all government stakeholders.

During the visit, the committee was surprised to find a Ministry of Interior truck loaded with liquor intended for destruction without an official report. Al-Matar condemned this act as a moral crime and a waste of public funds, questioning the absence of the Environment Public Authority’s role in monitoring and inspecting the landfill. He expressed concern about the potential leakage of methane gas, labeling it a time bomb that could result in a disaster for workers.

Al-Matar also highlighted the presence of slaughterhouse waste, contributing to bacterial and chemical pollution. He criticized the Environment Public Authority’s absence during the visit and the lack of oversight by the Director of Waste Management. Al-Matar called attention to the potential dangers faced by workers and stressed the need for justice, particularly regarding the rights of municipal employees.

Representative Daoud Marafi, who participated in the visit, had previously raised concerns about polluted gases rising from the landfill. Witnessing the situation firsthand, Marafi expressed regret over the random disposal of waste and the treatment of site workers. He emphasized the necessity of providing municipal employees with their entitled allowances, considering the risks they face.

Marafi expressed surprise at what he deemed “economic neglect” and the failure to leverage international experiences in waste management. He criticized the lack of government support for recycling projects and called for the Environment Public Authority to conduct periodic pollution assessments at the site to safeguard the health of workers.

This news has been read 867 times!

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