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Monday , October 25 2021

The inevitable Lebanese trio of ruins

IT is unprecedented in the history of Lebanon that a president has failed in carrying out the task for which he was elected, which is to be “the arbiter and trustee of the constitution and institutions”. He is thus embarrassed by the Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, and the House of Representatives, with its absolute majority, sent him an indirect message of him becoming “ineffective” by virtue. This led to doubts about his popular legitimacy.

Despite all the Arab observations, particularly of the Gulf, regarding the performance of the Aoun-Bassil era, the reality that Prime Minister Hariri put before the people first and then before the representatives is that “the president of the republic wants to change the constitution without amending”, paving the way to doing whatever he wants, to suspend the constitution, disrupt political life in the country, and more seriously, disrupt any hope for the Lebanese to contain and curb the miserable downfall they are enduring as a nation.

This forces the Lebanese to ponder over what the fate of their country will be if they do not lose control of the real disruption, which is Hezbollah, in an effort to make Aoun’s son-in-law the president of the republic, so that he will continue to dominate Lebanon through a weak system of government that facilitates impunity for him for his terrorizing interferences in  Arab countries.

In addition, such a move will allow Lebanon to continue being a source for smuggling drugs, the latest of which is the huge quantity exported to Egypt after the Gulf states thwarted his plan to destroy their youth with this scourge.

Indeed, the Lebanese must realize well, after such a great turning point that Saad Hariri made in his resounding speech in the House of Representatives, that turning back becomes impossible if they eliminate their fear of the nightmare of the civil war that the beneficiaries continue to market while the country spirals out of control and turns into total chaos.

The struggle today is no longer between two political currents, or a dispute over a ministry… Rather it is between the absolute evil represented by the Aoun-Bassil faction, and the good that the honorable people of Lebanon seek, or at least stability through which the people can catch their breath in order to return to the nature that was known to them since eternity.

Aoun’s practices did not stop at the limits of disrupting state institutions. Rather, the president of the republic never deliberately cut the threads of Lebanon with its Arab surroundings, even at the height of the civil war, like what the current president did and his attack on the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia, the sponsor of the Taif Accord to restore the installation of the political system in proportion to the promising Lebanon.

It is true that the government is divided equally between Christians and Muslims, according to the constitution. There is no distribution of positions between creeds and sects, but unfortunately the terrorist player controlling the political game sought to invent the triangular formula that has become customary since Hezbollah entered political life because it seeks to impose numerical hegemony which allows it to reconstruct the Lebanese government according to sectarian vision.

Today, the picture has become clear to everyone who must know that neither the Arab countries nor the West and Europe, as well as the World Bank will give any dollar to Lebanon if the looting mafia continues with impunity, or if the President and his son-in-law entrenches themselves behind the so-called “blocking minority” heresy, which was brought out by political corruption.

Therefore, the only solution for these people is a revolution similar to the European revolutions that ended the marriage between church rule and gang rule that had brought about eras of darkness, fear, epidemics and civil wars.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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