The grieving foxes

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‘No love lost’

This is a challenge which I hope will be accepted by the Muslim Brotherhood group to tell us the usefulness of one Islamic society and its benefits over 90 years of the group’s existence among us.

The claim that the group has contributed to the propagation and protecting Islam is unacceptable. Islam flourished one thousand and four hundred years ago has never been hampered in any manner. Moreover, there is no conclusive evidence that the group propagated or protected this sublime religion. All other religious groups, especially those opposed to the Brotherhood say the same.

The disappearance of the Muslim Brotherhood from the political and social scene in any country will not have a negative impact. The Brotherhood represents no more than a series of financial, industrial and commercial projects of various sizes scattered all over the world, registered in the names of people belonging to the movement.

There is nothing to prevent them from benefiting from thereof since it can be seen from their past behavior. This is in addition to cash balances to finance their activities as a political entity and as an active electoral machine, nothing more.

We have seen how their activities have been banned and how they are expelled from several countries. However no country has seen any disaster from the expulsion of the group. No old universities run by them have been affected by their absence.

No scientific laboratories or study centers will suffer, nobody will starve to death and no governments will collapse if they leave. To the contrary peace and security will prevail in many areas should they decide to ‘close shop’. There is no need for the foxes to grieve on the issue of filling the vacuum left  behind by the group’s departure.

On the other hand, any project undertaken by the group from the day of its establishment is tinted with personal interests and has nothing to do with the homeland. This is because they believe the group is bigger than the homeland and the homeland must be subjected to its whims, which they acquire by hook or by crook.

Despite relentless attempts to seize power in any country the group has failed for almost a century to put in place a manifesto or draft ideas about the ruling system they will implement but has claimed they will ‘implement the law of God’.

We have seen how they floundered in Egypt during the days of Mohammad Morsi and how the only principle of rule was ‘trial and error’ in the absence of any known project for a 90-year-old party. If the group had a clear cut project, it would not have chosen a confused and weak personality to be the president for Egypt who was run by remote control.

One of the evidence of the emptiness of their organization is their strong focus to win the hearts of the majority of the uneducated and spending on them not for the sake of love for them but to use them as a vote bank, who are forgotten as soon as the ballot boxes are emptied and votes counted, based on their partisan principle which was promoted one day by the Egyptian Islamic scholar, and one of Egypt’s most popular and successful Islamic preachers, Mohammad Metwalli Al-Shaarawi who said: ‘Who is not with us is the enemy of God’.

If the thoughts of the Muslim Brotherhood were so evident and clear we would not have seen the exodus of bright minds from the organization and the dismay of intellectuals. This is in addition to their failure to be fair with different categories of people. In fact, if they were really the enlightened elite, who loved freedom and dignity, they would not call upon their followers to blindly obey the Supreme Guide.

So we conclude, the Muslim Brotherhood is no more than a political grouping that aims to grab power using religion as a cover to satisfy their desires.

So, let the Brotherhood leave us and concerning their worries as to who will fill the vacuum created by its departure is none of the group’s business. The vacuum will inevitably be filled with those who are better than them.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

This news has been read 38750 times!

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