The governor’s mule and military college ‘scandal’

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In yesterday’s article, we touched on the issue of “Juha” taking the risk of teaching the governor’s mule how to read, and how he relied on time as a solution to his predicament, and I found that his situation applies to the incident of large numbers of young men not being accepted to join the officers’ course at ‘Saad Al-Abdullah’ College, and how whoever committed this serious violation, against the nation and against those who were enrolled in the course, relied on the time factor, but it seems that his calculations, in his rush to reach his goal, were completely wrong.

It was a wonderful and unprecedented work in the history of the Ministry of Interior, issuing a statement explaining the truth of what happened, a statement for which the Acting Minister of Interior was personally thanked, as his fingerprints were clear between the lines of the statement.

The statement contributed to putting an end to the spread of rumors and gossip related to the exclusion of some military personnel from graduation at Saad Al-Abdullah College, in addition to the non-payment of financial dues to others, as the Ministry indicated its keenness to deny the rumors, especially those circulated by irresponsible electronic accounts, and that it does not deny what was mentioned about exclusion, as it was based on legal, security and procedural considerations, the omission of which would have exposed state security to harm, as among those excluded were those whose data contained incompleteness and a contradiction in the conditions for enrollment in the aforementioned course, in addition to the presence of security notes in the data and other files.

Also, those who were excluded were included in the session with “exceptional decisions” in violation of the law, which required that things be restored to their correct order, in order to protect the legal and security aspects

As for not disbursing the financial reward to students affiliated with the academy, this is due to parliamentary pressures in the previous council, which led to the acceptance of much larger numbers than the college’s absorptive capacity, and the funds allocated to them in the budget.

The number of students was supposed to be around 900 officer students, but parliamentary interventions added 390 students outside the scope of the allocated budget, and this resulted in the non-disbursement of their dues, knowing that the Interior Ministry is communicating with the Ministry of Finance to solve their problem and not harm them.

The Ministry also confirmed, in its statement, that its approach is to always adhere to the constitution and the laws, and there is no doubt that it is specifically speaking about the current stage. If this had been its approach, these violations would not have occurred in the first place. So thanks to His Excellency the Minister, and we hope that the approach of respecting the laws will take hold.

It is clear from the ministry’s statement that parties in Ahmad Al-Nawaf’s government sought, often knowingly, to neglect important security aspects, and to accept larger numbers than the military college’s capacity, in addition to accepting those subject to security and procedural restrictions, to be men protecting the nation’s security in the future, out of respect for representatives in the previous parliament, in order to buy their loyalty to achieve a certain goal, and this is what the highest authorities had previously warned about in their historic speech!

We can only offer our sincere thanks here to the wise leadership, and to the insistence of the Minister of Defense, the Acting Minister of the Interior, to continue his reform measures and to cleanse the Ministry of any dangerous and harmful impurities attached to it.

Most likely, no previous official body will be held accountable for the above serious violations, and this means that they will be committed again in the future.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 658 times!

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