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Wednesday , June 16 2021

The government and its inequality

OUR true Islamic religion and the rest of the religions, laws and constitutions — on top of which the Kuwaiti Constitution — stipulate the equality of human beings. This is a civilized behavior.

Consequently, we must first treat all citizens equally regardless of their ethnic, tribal, sectarian or regional affiliations, etc. The Constitution stipulates this in a clear and explicit manner that even the blind can see it. This is confirmed in Article Seven of the Constitution which states “justice, freedom and equality are the pillars of society, and cooperation and compassion are the firm links binding all citizens.”

Equality before laws and others is one of the most important pillars of society. Article Eight also stipulates that “the State safeguards the pillars of society and guarantees security, tranquility and equal opportunities for citizens.”

A person may find an excuse for the backward members of this community not to use these luminous flames. However, we found that the government – which is entrusted with implementing the laws, foremost of which is commitment to the Constitution and the principles of its articles — was the first to violate these articles.

For example, in employment – especially for the sensitive positions, we find these positions being limited to specific groups and other groups are excluded if the government is not satisfied with them. One, two or three analysts might be employed from among hundreds of qualified applicants; while some entities are known for excluding those who do not embrace their militant ideology that destroys the structure of society. 

This is about the original Kuwaitis. Some sensitive government agencies separate them according to the principles of selectivity and inequality.

Nevertheless, the stubborn inequality falls on the shoulders of our expatriate brothers in humanity except certain and well-known groups that fear rationality. The key to such a decision is the ‘foreign’ government. This is for those who are sick people getting higher advisory positions which even Kuwaitis are forbidden to occupy!!

We go back to racial discrimination in the treatment of a Kuwaiti and a foreigner … I do not mean here that a Kuwaiti should be equal with a foreigner in terms of rights and duties. This is obvious and it is applied in all countries throughout the world.

I will delve into what many of my expatriate friends have asked me to write about — that they have been locked up in Kuwait according to the decisions of the young minister of health, Sheik Basel Al-Sabah, for months now; far from their families. They have been vaccinated for some time and they want to go to their countries to be with their families.

One of them told me that one of his sons God gave him a grandson a year ago and he wants to meet him because he is the first grandchild. However, he knows that once he travels to his country, he will not be able to return to Kuwait.

This person has important business in Kuwait that he does for himself and others, including Kuwaiti individuals and companies.  He is supposed to be treated like Kuwaitis, so he does not board the plane until after the examination. At the airport, he is tested for covid by the company appointed by Kuwait’s Ministry of Health and then he sits at home for a week. So, why not deal with expatriate brothers we have known for decades in the same way we deal with Kuwaitis?

This is one of the sins of our rational government that implements the proposals of its young minister, the sheikh. He will be held accountable for this, because he and his rational ministry committed a number of mistakes and sins — the most recent of which include severing kinship ties and inequality between God’s creation due to contradicting laws and decisions!!

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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