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The first ‘living robot’

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A year ago, a team of American researchers announced the production of the world’s first “living machine”, which is bundles of stem cells from African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevis that can be programmed to perform specific tasks.

Scientist Catherine J. Wu says the cells, which are the size of grains of sand, can move tiny objects, sizzle, and self-medicate.

Professor Josh Bongard, from the University of Vermont, said they were able to create a robot, but it is an organism made from a non-genetically modified frog cell that can perform new and specific tasks.

In a new development, the team announced that xenobots can now reproduce in a way completely different from any plant or animal known to science, by collecting free-floating cells and assembling them into new groups, according to author Nicola Davis.

The team published their findings this week in scientific journals, showing that they used a supercomputer to make a blueprint for a new life form, and collected stem cells from frog embryos and kept them in an incubator before reshaping them.

In about five days, when assembled, these robots can form balls of about 3,000 cells. Because they are able to run, move, and push single cells together to form new xenobots, it is called kinetic auto-replication, and it can only be observed in molecules, not living things.

Scientist Josh Bongaad says there is a limit to the number of bots that can be created. It turns out that these xenobots will reproduce once, or one generation, and will have children, but these children are too young to have grandchildren.

Although this topic is still in its infancy, the team has high hopes for the xenobots project, so that they could be used in medicine, with further development, such as helping to deliver drugs into the body and more.

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