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Saturday , March 25 2023

The demographics problem!

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We have a serious problem related to demographics, on top of which are the large numbers of the Egyptian and Indian communities, and the need for them is often due to different reasons, and others are similar. All works that require dealing with the government, knowledge of the Arabic language, accounting and legal issues often requires an Arab to perform it, and Egyptians are the only that can cover this need at a reasonable cost.


As for business that requires dealing with local and foreign companies, and with banks, and requires knowledge of the English language, to mind often comes the name of India, and no other country can fill this need with the same efficiency and reasonable cost. The two communities also share in meeting the need for semi-skilled labor or less than that, to carry out simple work that does not require knowledge of a language, such as guarding, transportation, agriculture, driving vehicles, etc., in addition to the almost equal shares of the two communities in the field of selling and marketing, according to the product and the market.

According to the studies conducted by the Central Department of Statistics, it does not appear that there is a security, social or even moral problem with the Indian community, which numbers nearly one million, but there is a real problem with the Egyptian community, especially among those with humble professions.

A study by the Statistics Department regarding the number of perpetrators of fraud and breach of trust misdemeanors, among various nationalities, including those of bedouns for the period from 2013 to 2020, showed that the number of perpetrators of these misdemeanors is the highest among Egyptians, whether because of their number or other reasons not mentioned, noting the lack of other misdemeanors, especially the Indians, who outnumber the Egyptians by 40%, and yet the percentage of their serious cases does not exceed 10% compared to the number of misdemeanors among Egyptians, and decreases in years to less than that.

However, we find that we have a problem with the unreasonable number of the Egyptian community. I write this at a time when a relatively large number of Egyptians work for me. When one of them recently resigned to work for another company, we made an effort to dissuade him because he was a good employee. I have no doubt that the majority of Egyptians in Kuwait are people who respect themselves, respect the law and are serious about their work, but the bad few always influence the good majority and this is a rule. In conclusion, it is almost impossible for large sectors of the government and the private sector to dispense with the Egyptians and replace them with other Arabs. No Arab country can fill this need.

What to do about this confusing and complex relationship, especially in light of the difficulty of continuing the situation as it is? We cannot, even if we wanted, get rid of all this large number of Egyptians, not even 25% of them easily, especially in the short term. This is due to the economic and social catastrophe, whether for Kuwait, and more than that for Egypt. Therefore, it requires thinking outside the box, and this is the work of security experts, sociologists and the political class, and I do not belong to any of them.

By Ahmad alsarraf

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

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