The crime of ‘flattening’ citizen’s way of thinking

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For quite some time now, there has been a strong and continuous “Brotherhood and Salafist” movement in all directions aimed at flattening the citizens’ intellectualism and the way they think. It seems that such tendency is backed by the government and superpowers. Those attempts aim to occupy the nation with trivial matters, jurisprudential conflicts, legal disputes, trivial issues and different conscription opinions causing the individuals to be part of disputes on unimportant and out of date arguments.

Trade monitors prices out of fear for the pocket of the citizen and resident; the municipality and the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition monitors food merchants, cold storage facilities, restaurants and hotels, out of fear for the stomachs of citizens and residents; the “fire department” monitors the correctness of the implementation of safety requirements by various facilities, for fear of a fire; the Ministry of Health monitors the validity and safety of medicines out of fear for public health and so on and on as the same happens with other institutions due to various risks.

But no party cares about what is more important than all of that, which is the soundness of the mind of the citizen and the resident, and what their children receive of a very modest level of education, or what they hear and watch of sermons, which have a greater influence on their mind and psyche, through various means of communication, and from mouthpieces. The state has previously contributed to creating and publicizing, disseminating ideas, and opening the doors of schools for boys and even girls in front of them!

How does the government keep silent about these preachers spreading their lies, poison and sabotage, such as when they say, for example, that European countries have allowed the opening of brothels for sex with animals? Do these people deserve the “honor” of educating and raising our children?

And how does the government allow someone who calls himself a “doctor” and a food expert, whose testimony is multiplied, to give nutritional advice to an ignorant and broad audience of people? And how do the “media” remain silent about the appearance of a veiled girl, with glaring and sexy makeup, and her puffy lips, while she is lecturing on the subject of “the nine punishments” for not praying?

Israel, Zionism, colonialism and global arrogance do not need to invade us or conspire against us. Those among us, including preachers, clerics, experts in jurisprudence, food and make-up, are capable of destroying the minds of young people more than what all the intelligence services of countries hostile to us do.

How can we be lenient or pass lightly on everything that comes from advocates who suddenly became famous on social media, and have followers, imitators and supporters, and their minds do not go beyond the threshold of the door of the place where they deliver their lectures?

Does challenging the foundation of the establishment of the state, expiation of an essential part of its constitution, and allowing this infringement mean silence about any other infringement on any article in the constitution, by describing it as infidel, and requesting non-compliance with it, thus endangering the entire security of the state?!

We have tried the thinking and jurisprudence of these people for a thousand years, and that did not help us get out of the cave of backwardness, so why not try something else?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 26760 times!

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