The carpet of the manager

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A rich man put his right foot on the shoe shine box and opened the Wall Street Journal to read it, while the shoe shiner went about his job. It was a beautiful morning in New York, Manhattan, and not far from the stock exchange, which was in its heyday.

While the man was busy reading, the shoe shiner asked him how much higher the price of a particular stock could be. The rich man was surprised by the question and realized that the shoe shiner was speculating with his savings on the stock market. He did not give him a definitive answer, but when he returned to his office, he asked his agent to liquidate his portfolio from stocks, saying: When shoe shiners enter a field other than theirs, the collapse is coming.

Forty years ago, I entered a bank building, and found a queue waiting for two elevators, and the third elevator was empty and reserved for the chairman of the board of directors who may not use it for more than 5 minutes a day.

I finished my transaction and went back to the office, and sent a letter to the bank requesting to close my account because a bank whose boss is behaving in such a manner that does not respect the bank’s customers is not worth dealing with. I didn’t own shares in that bank to sell.

Yesterday, I entered an important government administration, and I saw something that took me back to what happened then with the bank as there were four elevators, one of which was exclusive for the general manager of the administration, and it was opened with a private key and inside it a red carpet, and there was similar one outside it with someone who cares to operate the elevator for the manager.

I entered the elevator to inspect it from the inside, so the “special guard” jumped to his feet, I shook my head, telling him I was just checking the elevator inside, and it was really clean, its mirrors were shining like crystal, and the scent of incense emanating from its four corners, and all this for the manager to use it for only two minutes up and two minutes down after the end of work.

Will the director remain in his office forever? His assignment will end one day, and he will return, as he does now, while he is out of work using the elevators of other buildings just like others, and he will not only miss the smell of incense or the red carpet, but his feet will touch rough ground and the smells of the armpits of those with him in the elevator and he will not resent it, this was and will remain part of his life routine, before and after the job.

Consequently, what is the reason for some insistence on allocating an elevator for themselves during workdays, and even on days when they are absent?

The removal of this uncivilized scene does not require the issuance of a decision by the Council of Ministers and its publication in the official gazette, but rather for some delicacy of these officials, and their rejection of buttering the bread. They can make a phone call with the office to reserve the elevator minutes before their arrival, and leave it for the rest of the visitors for the rest of the working hours (day).

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 10404 times!

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