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I have been working in Kuwait since October 2017. Unfortunately, I received a termination letter from my employer. I got another job but the new employer wants me to join before the completion of my termination period in the current company. The manager in the current company said that if I want to leave one month before my last working day, I should write a letter in this regard. Will my current company deduct the remaining days from my final settlement or not? Will I receive indemnity if I leave one month before my final working day? If I complete the three months termination period in the current company, will the new employer allow me to join the new company upon completion of this period?

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Answer: If the current company agree that you can leave before the expiry of the remaining month, then you should not expect to be paid for that month only. On the other hand if they insist that you work for the full three months and you decide to stop work on your own, then you will not be paid for the remaining month in addition to the company demanding compensation from you in lieu of the remaining unfulfilled one month service. As for the new employer allowing you to join the company the 3-months mandatory notice period, all that we can say is that the decision rests solely in the hands of the new employer and the understanding you and him come to before you agree to execute fully the three-month notice period with your current company. You can’t be denied your indemnity so far as your services have been terminated but you will be called upon to compensate the company for the one month service you haven’t performed if you choose to go that route.

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This news has been read 16344 times!

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