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Thursday , October 29 2020

Teaching ethics from distance


Of course, there is no real scientific research at the university, but this news came to complete the tragedy of education and the reason for all our backwardness at a time — that is the worst in the history of the ministry since the current minister took over the post. The weaknesses of the minister could have not been visualized so quickly and clearly were it not for the blessed pandemic.

Distance education requires foremost a great deal of morals, and this is almost non-existent in societies that exaggerate interest in the manifestations of religiosity that creates a double personality in society, decadent outside it.

Distance education is like voluntary quarantine at home, which requires a high degree of compliance with instructions. Distance education requires a high moral commitment, and without it, it becomes meaningless.

Academicians and teachers have noticed that a majority of the students leave the platform after entering and registering their presence, and this is an ethical issue. They also found out that the rate of cheating is high, and most of the answers are the same literally, and this is an ethical issue, in addition to other loopholes that are clearly visible.

Many problems have also emerged as a result of applying distance education, especially in an underdeveloped society. Families that have relatively large numbers of children cannot instill discipline when pursuing distance education.

These families also face a major financial problem related to their inability to provide computers for all their children. This is in addition to the inability of parents to follow up on the education of all children and this is a really stressful issue.

The ministry’s neglect of the issue of teaching computer technology or culture over the past forty years has built ignorant generations because a majority of them do not known what this amazing device means or can do. Also, the lack of these devices in government schools prompted a large number of teachers to buy them with their money, apart from having to pay the cost of Internet subscription.

No one in the Ministry of Education bothered to think about the situation of female teachers and teachers who have school-age children, and they are required to educate their students on the one hand and follow up the education of their children on the other hand. The so many problems that the ministry has been suffering made the extent of its weakness clear.

The six-month period was sufficient, to think at least about the problems of distance education, however the minister failed to do this. The minister is definitely to blame, as he is the head of the ministry, but in fairness to the truth, some have tried to reform education and failed, and I can say — based on the experiences of these people —- they were not supported to do this, as education in Kuwait is subject to the whims and pressures of political religiosity, and it is not an independent educational process, that is why we will remain prisoners of the forces of backwardness, perhaps forever.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

The Al-Qabas newspaper quoted the government sources as saying the budget of the Kuwait University will be reduced, and this will directly affect what is spent on scientific research, and as a result will affect the university’s classification, which is already deteriorating.

By Ahmad alsarraf

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