Teachers begin using headphones to catch cheating students

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Trick clever to hunt cheaters during examinations

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 15: Informed sources told Al-Qabas daily that a number of committee chairmen and observers in high school exams resorted to a clever trick to hunt students, who rely on headphones to cheat during exams, through which they receive answers from abroad.

The sources pointed out that the supervisors are using headphones similar to those used by cheating students, indicating that these headphones are not protected, meaning that if you use a similar headphone you will hear the same thing what the cheating student hears.

Accordingly, the observer enters into an “open call” with the cheating student, as soon as he approaches him, and hears the person who dictates the answers over the phone.

The sources added: “Through the headset, the observer is now able to know the cheating student by name, as the name that the person dictating the answers matches the name of the student on the desktop, and this takes place in less than a minute, and after that, the cheating student is searched, and the headset is extracted from him.”

The sources confirmed that the observer faces many challenges, which make him required to be astute in keeping abreast of developments in fraud, including that the cheating student excels in devising unthinkable methods, and the introduction of headphones is not prevented, in addition to the refusal of the Ministry of Health to install jamming devices.

This news has been read 21048 times!

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