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Talk we don’t want to hear — II

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ibrahim Al-Buleihi said the entry of Arab history has not made any contribution but rather hindered the progress, and that means if we listen to the news we will see clearly that we are the big obstructers in the march of human civilization and this is horrible.

All our news is concerning violence, murder, massacres, bombing and mass graves topped with ignorance. However, we are confident that we alone are the guided people while the rest of the humans are the followers of the devil.

If we review the history of civilization and contemplate on the values that prevailed in Greece in the 5th century BC, during the reign of Pericles, for example, and the history of the Romans in their early flourishing eras, we would see the civilization sharply declining in the value of man, his rights, freedoms and dignity, as well as in the pattern of the rule and the absolute dominance of the individual ruler and the marginalization of humanity and as a result a human being became a tool that has no value in himself.

The ruling systems that prevailed in the Arab history since the end of the Caliphate are an unprecedented authoritarian pattern of governance. Before that time the States were having councils to rule which looked like parliaments, and it was the Roman governor who at this time was called the Chancellor, and enjoyed definite powers almost like the democratic nations.

Germany continues to use the same title and the head of government in Germany is called the Chancellor. What distinguishes an advanced society from a backward community is a pattern of the rule which is the locomotive society.

The Arab uprisings experiment has confirmed that we are different from all nations, and that we cannot agree among ourselves and that the dissolution of power leads to the ugly and destructive chaos and overwhelming destruction.

It is a question of being worried about the problems of the Arabs and Muslims, but some consider Buleihi a populist, while the Arabs described him as funny and an executioner of those who hold the national trends and that he does not pay attention to Arab issues, and how can he deny that?

Buleihi replied: ‘If you look back at what I write I find these people are criticizing everyone and all cultures’.

Al-Buleihi said his intellectual project is based on pure humanitarian vision directed at humans wherever they are, and that he does not analyze the Arab mind, but the human mind.

About his interest in reading and books, Al-Buleihi said possessing books is not only for pleasure of reading, but also eagerness for research and explore the flaws and the truth in reality, and living with humanitarian sages, and compare between their ideas and wisdom. The journey with a book is a thought, understanding, wisdom, a permanent move towards greater awareness, so I live among the books and my home is a library, even my bed is surrounded by cabinets filled with books.

I think those who are deprived of living with books are deprived of the true meaning of life. The human brain is a device for knowledge, if not operated properly, one may experience tediousness and boredom.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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