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I fell in love with the Afghan art of singing half a century ago, through the song ‘Mullah Mammad Jan’, and with the coming of Taleban, this art will become a thing of the past.

Forty years later, I read the translation of the song I loved in an article by my colleague Jaafar Rajab in Al-Rai, and the beginning of it says:

In a road furnished with orchids… Where are you…?

Your loyal friend has come to buy you daffodils

See I stood on the top of the mountains and called out:

O lion of God ‘Ali’ I call you.

O Lion of God, O King of Men, rejoice my sad heart.

*    *    *

Afghanistan is in the midst of strong countries, such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, China and Pakistan! You have to imagine its condition throughout its history for it has no sea and there is no way out except through these countries or resorting to heaven.

Since the days of Alexander the Great, Afghanistan has been a corridor and headquarters for invaders, the last of whom was the Russians who came to the aid of Sardar Mohammad Daoud who came to power through a coup, then they were expelled by the Americans, who made great efforts for Afghanistan coexist with others, but they lost the lives of thousands of their soldiers, and they lost nearly a trillion dollars over twenty years and in the end it became clear to them  that it is better to leave Kabul.

The misfortunes of the Afghans in the modern era began with the collapse of the rule of Muhammad Zahir Shah in 1973, at the hands of his cousin and son-in-law Daoud. This was the beginning of the devastation with the outbreak of the civil war, which recently re-ignited and will continue for several years and its culmination was the arrival of the Taleban in the capital Kabul in 1994 and their loss in 2001 with the American invasion, after the Taleban leader Mullah Omar refused to hand over Osama bin Laden to them for his role in ‘The Battle of Manhattan 2001’.

After twenty years of American presence, and rivers of blood, the Taleban’s sway returned to preponderance, so the Americans left Afghanistan just as the Russians and dozens of invaders before them.

The Taleban will soon announce its control over all or most of Afghanistan, and this will be a promising event for many of our religious forces, as the rule in the new state will be based on the caliphate approach, according to the perception of its leaders.

The state’s law will be derived from Sharia, according to the ‘Deobandi’ method, in reference to the village of Deoband in India, whose Salafi ideology is adhered to by the Taleban. Scholars, or clerics, who are committed to Islam, will be selected for important positions in government. The Taleban will also demand men to wear Islamic dress, and women and girls will be forced to wear the Afghani veil.

In addition, any man-made laws will be suspended, and education will be non-binding for boys, and forbidden for girls.

There will be no cinemas or television channels, and all entertainment houses, cafés, billiard halls, and hairdressing salons for both women and men will be closed, and beards will be compulsory.

A woman will be prevented from leaving her home except for necessity and accompanied by one of her mahrams (a member of one’s family) with whom marriage would be considered haram (illegal in Islam); and every man accompanied by a woman or girl must prove his relationship to her.

No woman will have the right to work. The legal limits of cutting off the hand of the thief and other limits will be applied.

Since the Taleban state will be an exemplary model for the state the Muslim Brotherhood group aspires to, especially after they complained about the existence of a fun role in Kuwait, such as the opera, and their request to convert its building into a financial market, we ask them to move, live, work and trade in the paradise of Afghanistan where there are no entertainment places.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 17352 times!

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