Tajikistan in College of Arts – ‘Rare event … honor’

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

ON THE occasion of Kuwait being chosen as the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2016 and amid a rare interesting event, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Imam Ali Rahman (Emomali Rahmon) will visit today the College of Arts in Kuwait University, where he will deliver a lecture on history entitled, “Tajikistan in the Mirror of History”.

Since 1994, President Rahman has been in power in a country that is considered the smallest in Central Asia. Tajikistan is a Muslim country and its Islamic history goes back to the first century of Hijri calendar (Anno Hijri), when Islam entered through the hands of Muslim leader Qutaiba bin Muslim Al-Bahili in the year between 94-96 AH, from 710-712 AD, during the reign of Umayid Dynasty of Al-Waleed bin AbdulMalik.

At the time, Tajikistan was known as ‘the country beyond the (Oxus) river’(Transoxiana) or Eastern Bukhara.

Before its independence in 1992, Tajikistan was annexed by the Soviet Union to become part of it in 1921, four years after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, and this when the Red Army occupied its capital city Dushanbe.

In December 1991 and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan declared its independence, ending many years of communist rule.

After the independence, Tajikistan joined the Commonwealth countries in December 1991 and its rule became secular and democratic. It is also a member of the Organization of Islamic Countries.

Tajikistan is a landlocked country which thrives in tourism given that its economy is good especially after the civil war from 1992-1997.

On its population, the Tajik society is young as statistics shows that almost half of its population is below 18 years old, whereas two thirds live in the villages.

The visit of President Imam Ali Rahman to one of the top academic and cultural bodies in the country and the lecture that he will deliver in the College of Arts are regarded as a rare event among heads of States who visit Kuwait.

This is due to the fact that Tajikistan’s President is the first president to deliver a lecture in Kuwait University’s halls. This is an honor that the university deserves, especially the College of Arts which is known for its continuous efforts to organize and initiate activities, particularly in the History Section, to achieve innovation after innovation in its activities.

Welcome His Excellency President Imam Ali Rahman to the College of Arts.

— Twitter: @alzmi1969

By Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

This news has been read 7621 times!

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