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Saturday , October 23 2021

Syria … Now all that’s left is to congratulate

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE inhabitants of Mount Lebanon usually utter a slang phrase whenever two parties in a crisis make up and end their dispute. This phrase came to mind after the visit of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir to Damascus, the publication of news on the intention of the Iraqi president to visit as well, and many indicators from several countries on reviewing relations with Syria.

It seems the Arab boycott of Syria has started to fade and there are efforts to reconstitute positions. This means all that is left to be done is to congratulate among those who boycotted Damascus and expelled Syria from the Arab League to punish it for confronting the plan known as ‘Arab Spring’.

If we go back to the beginning, we will see that Arab intervention in Syria started on a vindictive basis concerning political stances. This entails responding with fire on words, which repeatedly happened in Libya where the Muslim Brotherhood Group found people to support and fund them against the positions taken by the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The same almost occurred in Egypt, but it managed to get out with minimum loss when the Egyptian Army sided with the people. The matter was different in Libya; given that there were no ruling institutions, in addition to the huge financial support given to terrorist groups. Similar was the case in Syria, but its regime was quick to confront by depending on the performance of the military, security apparatus and a substantial caliber of Syrians.

Indeed, the regime in Damascus first depended on Iran and ‘Hezbollah’, then on Russia; but it would not have been the case if it were not for the regional and global interference and the massive support given to the fighting groups. Despite all that, there was no unified program for the opposition.

The opposition factions backed by Turkey, France, United States of America and Arab countries appear divided on the practical program. This is in addition to easing access for terrorists from every part of the world, irrespective of them being Arabs, in spite the fact that the matter at the time did not pose a threat to their countries.

In the Arab world, it is known that the military is the main tool of change. This is why we saw matters being settled quickly in Egypt when the military sided with the people. The same occurred when the people protested against the ‘Brotherhood’ and its leadership, which led to the military taking the side of the people to rescue them from disaster which was about to befall on the biggest Arab country.

Throughout the past seven years, the Arabs were not convinced about the war in Syria concerning the absence of an effective tool for change, especially after the military maintained its unity and allegiance to its leadership.

Today, taking into consideration the inability of the Arabs, regional and global forces to win the war in Syria, and after the truth was revealed; it is natural for them to say: “All that is left is to congratulate …” and to initiate official visits to Damascus, particularly due to the fact that there are western-Syria secret communications on setting plans for normalizing relations.

The major powers have started to get convinced on the importance of extinguishing the hotbed of tension and wars in the Middle East to prevent the emergence of more terrorist groups, and to lessen the repercussions of the economic crisis which is storming the region and spreading extremism.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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