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There is a global company that the whole world depends on its strength and products, and it dominates the markets of many commodities, and it enjoys the respect and confidence of the countries of the world, so it deposits its money with it, and invests in the shares of its subsidiaries, and in the bonds it issues!

The problem with this company is that its annual expenses, for decades, are greater than its income or profits, so it covers the difference by borrowing from the local or international market by issuing dollar bonds, and countries and companies accept to buy them, because of their durability and guarantee!

This company is “America.” Everyone knows that it is burdened with debts of approximately 32.5 trillion dollars (32.5 + 12 zero), which accumulated as a result of the government being forced to borrow, to bridge the difference between what is collected as taxes and its obligations, so it prints new dollars to cover the obligations of its armies, and federal salaries, the cost of health insurance, pensioners’ salaries, and more!

What makes the world continue to trust the dollar, invest in US bonds and stocks, and in the US economy?

It is not easy to answer this question through an article, but it can be said that the world has no choice but to “co-exist” with the current situation, as the time has not come to jump from the ship yet, especially since the tempting investment opportunities offered by this economy cannot be overlooked, and it cannot be resisted. For any country to present it, with greater risks outside the American market, neither the Chinese, who are not free, nor the multi-polar Europeans, nor the small Russian and Japanese, can replace America, with all its power, financial and military techniques, economic freedom and high transparency.

America’s situation is similar to that of the rich person who spends excessively on his pleasures, at a rate higher than he earns, and yet he can pay off his debts if he accepts giving up his military “pleasures”, and some of the welfare of his people, but the ballot boxes have their accounts.

There is also that “desire” that surrounds the heart of almost every individual in the world to own the green currency, as it is a safe haven, as it is accepted in the villages of China and the jungles of Africa, passing through the deserts of the Arabs, to the Amazon forests, and to the streets of Moscow, Pompeii and Beijing.

The American economy constitutes about 24% of the world’s total output, meaning that what 300 million people produce constitutes a quarter of what all 8 billion people produce!

The US national product is approximately 25 trillion dollars annually (Russia is only 1.8 trillion), and these percentages in themselves are sufficient for confidence in the US economy, due to the country’s richness and industrial, educational and commercial progress, its terrible reserves of everything, its unlimited scientific and cultural richness, and its ability to create inventions every day, and a series of ancient laboratories and universities.

Consequently, its problem is more “administrative” than it is an economic or industrial deficit or real environmental poverty, and a single security or trade agreement with China is sufficient to bring about the desired positive revolution. Most of these advantages, and this natural richness, were not available to the empires that preceded them, such as Britain.

America is the largest importing country and exporter of trade exchanges in the world, and it plays an important role in global investments and capital flows, and its decisions affect the global economy, and the situation will remain the same, despite the concern it poses to many to replace the dollar.

Those who are not reassured of the validity and strength of this currency have to do anything but switch to another, and they probably won’t!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 18684 times!

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