Suspending files of companies not paying expat workers salaries

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: While the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) announced the reactivation of the automatic suspension of the files of companies that are not committed to transferring the salaries of their registered workers, responsible sources in the authority confirmed that avoiding suspension requires depositing salaries before the seventh day of the due date, reports Al-Qabas daily. PAM stated Thursday that the automatic suspension of files of companies that are not committed to paying salaries “was decided to be implemented during the corona crisis, starting from March 19, 2020, to remedy the negative effects of the epidemic on business owners and workers.” The authority pointed out that activating the suspension automatically is in accordance with the law and PAM regulations to control the labor market, and is in line with the standards of organizations and bodies concerned with human rights to ensure the rights of workers.

PAM noted that the suspension is “a precautionary measure to alert the employer of the need to transfer salaries to local financial institutions.” PAM pointed out that what was circulated regarding stopping the renewal and transfer of was not correct, stressing that the suspension of the company’s file does not prevent the renewal of work permits of suspended files, and does not stop the transfer on an unsuspended file, which confirms that the employment is not harmed or that they violate the residence law.

The sources went on to say, the violating company will not be allowed to get new work permits because the suspension is a punitive measure for the employer due to his failure to fulfill his financial obligations to the workers. The sources stated that business owners who have technical problems when transferring their labor wages to local financial institutions should find out the reasons for rejection from the electronic system to reconcile their situation.

The sources stressed that in order to facilitate the employers, who are associated with state projects, their requests are received with their approval of the transfer of wages to exclude their files from the moratorium, and to enable them to complete all their procedures with the authority until the completion of the transfer of labor wages and the solution of their technical problems with financial institutions. The authority put emphasis on applying the law, promoting human rights standards, and ensuring financial dues for workers.

An official source in PAM confirmed that following up on workers’ wages, and entering the reasons for non-transfer, in addition to the reasons for deduction on wages, is done automatically through the government’s system, so that the authority’s specialists follow up on requests without the need for personal review. PAM stated that if the conditions are met, the employer’s file will also be opened automatically, so that he can enter his requests through an easier service

This news has been read 35311 times!

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