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Suspect in hospitality case cannot flee country

CID conducting raids at hideouts

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 19: While there have been reports that Ghosoun Al-Khaled and others convicted in the so-called Interior Ministry ‘Hospitality’ have fled the country before a verdict was issued by the court, a responsible security source questioned the validity of the information, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Commenting on what is being reported about ‘them’ being able to escape to an unknown destination, the source said, the detectives continue to raid the suspect places where the fugitives may have taken shelter and that they may have escaped from the country is a rare possibility, because a travel ban had been imposed on all of them and security checks at the exit ports have been tightening.

On the other hand, information in the social media reported that Ghosoun, who has been sentenced for 10 years, left the country on the night the ‘system’ at the port was disrupted and that the security personnel did not find the ‘wanted’ person when they raided her house, but is expected to be holed up somewhere inside the country.

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